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With a focus on sustainability, resiliency and equity, our workshops are for everyone.

  • Sustainable Innovation focuses on advancements in energy generation and usage with a focus on electric vehicles, demand reduction and renewables.
  • Connected City focuses on communications infrastructure, services and the digital divide.
  • Digital Twin focused on how the IoT stack can be fully utilized with AI, machine learning, prediction, simulation and visualization; especially for managing traffic, the built environment and promoting economic development.

Our impact-focused workshops also explore the best methods of project funding, including grants, PPPs, innovative finance products partnering with philanthropic and charitable organizations and corporate ESG funding.

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Smart isn't just for cities. It's for everyone.

We enable local action and global impact. 

Technology and data for a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable, resilient and equitable future for everyone. 

We don't just talk. We enable and inspire others to do the same, because everyone benefits when everyone works together. 

You’re invited to join us as we embark on a journey towards defining and delivering on a type of smart future that isn’t just for cities, but is for everyone. 

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Join us, and take a stand for our collective future. 

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