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Expert speakers to provide ‘hands on’ advice about the Digital Twins, Cloud Modernization and the Omniverse, ‘all’ in one Workshop

Submitted by Robyn Francis on July 27, 2022

Experts join the lineup for Accelerating Digital Twins, a Readiness Workshop, Orlando, October 4-5, 2022

The Smart Cities Council in its drive to offer programs that accelerate livability, workability and sustainability announce the participation of experienced experts who will provide practical advice about ‘how’ to deploy digital twins, cloud modernization and the Omniverse.

Joining us in this two-day immersive experience will be -

  • Raimundo Rodulfo, P.E., PMP, Director of Innovation and Technology for the City of Coral Gables will share Coral Gables’ Digital Twin Journey with firsthand insights and learnings. 
  • Mike Hess, Director of the Future-Ready City Initiative, will describe the City of Orlando’s upcoming digital twin program which is in the planning stage. He will describe use-cases and goals for upcoming deployment.
  • Jumbi Edulbehram, Global Development lead for Smart Cities and Spaces at NVIDIA who will dive into the NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Agere Chair at the Department of Computer Science, the University of Central Florida on her work to transfer research results into daily use by spearheading several Open Source initiatives to disseminate and grow VR technologies and by leading entrepreneurial initiatives to commercialize research results.
  • Dr. Grace M. Bochenek, Director of the School of Modeling, Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida will discuss Digital Twin technology strategies, commercialization, technology maturation and integration, and performance analyses with an emphasis on strategic alliances, partnerships, and global/international programs.
  • Brian Schoepfle, Manager of Partner Solution Architects at Amazon Web Services will provide insights on leveraging the power of Ingram Micro Cloud’s modern infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions and tools combined with the AWS Cloud to create digital twins. Learn how to use existing data from multiple sources, create virtual representations of any physical environment, and combine existing 3D models with real-world data. Harness the power of digital twins to optimize building operations, increase production output, and improve equipment performance.

Accelerating Digital Twins, a Readiness Workshop is co-produced by:

  • Smart Cities Council
  • Digital Twin Consortium
  • Orange County Florida,
  • The City of Orlando,
  • The University of Central Florida

Current sponsors include Ingram Micro, CityZenith, LVX Global, Graybar and Dense Networks. 

Outcomes specific to your city (if you choose to participate) include:

  • Use case analysis and scoping
  • Funding opportunities
  • Procurement options
  • And finally - solution demonstrations for your particular use cases.

Early bird tickets are on sale NOW, with city discounts available at checkout.

Cities interested in showcasing their Digital Twin journey should contact Connie Heath by emailing

If you are interested in sponsoring, contact Jerry Underwood by emailing to

Visit for more information. 

About the Smart Cities Council

The longest-running global smart cities ecosystem, the Smart Cities Council, was founded in 2012. We envision a world where innovation, technology and data leverage smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and high-quality jobs. The Smart Cities Council serves as an objective and neutral network for sharing knowledge. As of 2022, the Smart Cities Council has produced eight (8) Smart Cities Weeks, five (5) Readiness Challenges with over thirty (30) winners and 80 Readiness Workshops serving over 50 cities with a total population of 1/2 Billion. We have also collected data on over six hundred (600) projects through the Readiness Challenge and offer a project platform called Activator. 

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