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Meet the SCC Global Team

Corey Gray

Corey Gray is a leading entrepreneur, innovator and technologist with 30+ years’ experience, focused on global strategy, growth and new markets in emerging technology fields such as IoT. ​

Brad Seaman
Vice President, Global Education Lead

Brad Seaman has broad experience in leadership, management and training in both the public and private sectors; including the development and accreditation of training to a range of audiences following successful exit from the EdTech sector. ​

Tom Pennington
Vice President, Global Advisory Lead

Tom Pennington is a highly regarded senior executive with extensive experience across a breadth of technologies and platforms from start-ups and scale-ups, to small-to-medium businesses, and large global enterprises.​

Robyn Francis
Global Engagement Lead

Robyn Francis is a strategic brand, marketing, communications and engagement lead developing member-, event- and task force-specific multimedia engagement opportunities and go-to-market strategies. ​

Grainne Flynn
Global Operations Manager

Grainne Flynn is a leading operational manager with expertise in communication, business development and strategy, who excels at bringing together stakeholders for effective collaboration and uplift.