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Advisory Services

The concept of a smart city is not new, but it is still nascent and the definition remains quite heterogenous. Broadly, a smart city is connected, intelligent and optimised by a municipality to reduce costs, increase safety, attract investment, be sustainable, and enhance livability. To get there requires smart governance, the education of a smart workforce and smart citizens, the digital transformation of assets, and the deployment of sensor networks with ubiquitous multimodal connectivity.

Cities and the infrastructure that connects and moves people are becoming much smarter. There are a range of technologies that have emerged to make cities, buildings and facilities smart, connected, and safe. These include geospatial and geosystems that can capture physical context and create virtual cities where the fusion of perception and reality is used to create an augmented digital reality. Physical safety is enhanced using this next-generation technology to provide security and to coordinate multiple agencies such as police, fire, emergency management, and communications.

Smart Cities Council Advisory Services, provides proven, global best practice to support governments, industry and academia, to deliver positive, self-sustaining social, environmental, and economic impact through smart cities projects and initiatives through:

  • Guidelines and Standards
  • Processes, Policies and Procedures
  • Capabilities and Services

These capabilities span the full end-to-end lifecycle, breadth and depth of the smart cities ecosystem.


Tom Pennington

VP Global Advisory