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Capital Investment Services

SCC’s mission is to create positive, self-sustaining Social, Environmental and Economic change, by building Capability, Capacity and Cross-Sector Collaboration. Advisory Services is a core competency for SCC, mapping client needs to our Global Advisory Services Network, and building collaboration and efficiency in service delivery process.

SCC has Capital Investment Leads in North America, Europe and APAC, and core Domain Verticals & Technology Horizontals as outlined in this document.


SCC’s Capital Investment Services are focused on companies and project Owners seeking capital in our specialised Domain Verticals and Technology horizontals.


Meet with SCC’s Capital Investment Team to present your business, project or fund

  • SCC’s Global Capital Investment Team will provide a reverse brief that will recommend:
    • Professional Services to appropriately structure and present your business or project to be investible
    • A strategy to present your company or project to our Funds Placement Team and Global Co-investment Network
  • SCC’s Capital Investment Team will take your opportunity to market and raise the required funds
  • SCC services are typically provided on:
    • Professional Services on an “as required, as quoted” basis
    • A percentage of funds raised

SCC’s Capital Investment Offering services:

  • Companies and project owners seeking capital
  • Capital funds seeking investors and a highly curated deal flow for investment in our specific areas of expertise