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The longest-running global smart cities ecosystem was founded in 2012.

The Smart Cities Council works across sector divides to make the world safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable, equitable and resilient for Everyone. An objective and neutral network for sharing knowledge and driving capability and capacity, the Smart Cities Council is the world's longest-running and most impactful global network that develops and applies science, data, technology and engineering to make the world a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable and resilient place, and to inspire and enable others to do the same.

Three Core Values

We promote projects, places and people that embody our three core priorities.


Cities that provide clean, healthy living conditions without pollution and congestion. With a digital infrastructure that makes city services instantly and conveniently available anytime, anywhere.


Cities that provide the enabling infrastructure — energy, connectivity, computing, essential services — to compete globally for high-quality jobs.


Cities that provide services without stealing from future generations.

Our Team

Meet the team making the Smart Cities Council vision a reality by facilitating the conversations that matter, hosting events and task forces, and, most importantly, helping our members build smarter cities.

Corey Gray - Global CEO
Connie DeSpirito - City Engagement North America
Jerry Underwood - Partner Engagement North America
Alby Bocanegra - Futurist in Residence
Iman Ghaffari - Member Engagement Australia New Zealand
Andrea Winders - Lead: UK
Murat Balcioglu - Lead: Turkey
Andrzej Lis - Lead: Poland
Kok-Chin Tay - Lead: ASEAN
Robyn Francis - Global Engagement
Laura Valeine - Global Marketing and Events 
Matt Book - Global Operations

Our Members Include

Globally, we work alongside industry bodies and not-for-profit organizations to further deliver on our goal of accelerating livability, workability and sustainability for projects, people and place.

Our Story

In 2012, Jesse Berst founded the Smart Cities Council to deliver solutions for advancing the livability, workability, and sustainability of cities globally.

Now we want to continue our work with technology and intelligent design and extend our focus to innovative, compassionate outcomes for all communities, wherever located. Since we began on this journey, we have worked with hundreds of cities all at varying stages of their smart cities journey or project.

As we move towards our 11th year, we are embracing a renewed sense of determination to unlock greater benefits for our all communities and their stakeholders wherever located.


2012 IBM becomes the first member
2014 First Handbook for Cities (Readiness Guide)
2015 Expansion to India
2015 First Smart Cities Week

2015 Publication of India Readiness Guide
2016 SCC Australia & New Zealand launched

2017 First Readiness Challenge Launched in 2016 at the invitation of the US White House
2020 Smart Cities Academy launched
October 2020 First Practitioner Certificate

As of 2022, the Smart Cities Council has produced eight (8) Smart Cities Weeks, five (5) Readiness Challenges with over thirty (30) winners and 80 Readiness Workshops serving over 50 cities with a total population of 1/2 Billion. We have also collected data on over six hundred (600) projects through the Readiness Challenge.


Smart Cities Academy

The Smart Cities Academy helps build the knowledge and capacity to support a city’s success in accelerating great outcomes, offering anyone the opportunity to enhance their knowledge.

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Readiness Program

The Readiness Program, offered globally, helps cities build capacity to accelerate outcomes. Cities learn about what they need to do to accelerate their outcomes.

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Smart Cities Week

Join our bi-annual conferences convened in Australia, India and the US where cities globally learn from cities participating in the Council’s Readiness Program how to accelerate projects and better cities.

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