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With a robust legacy of over 15 years in global wireless network expertise, Alpha Wireless designs and manufactures innovative high-performance wireless antenna-led solutions. Striving to be first to market with new technologies and delivering unparalleled technical support, they are a trusted and dynamic partner in the ever-evolving landscape of smart cities.

Alpha Wireless offers a unique approach to developing wireless networks, working closely with network operators, system integrators, neutral hosts, utilities, municipalities, and OEMs to design innovative solutions that address customer challenges. This collaborative approach has resulted in a profound understanding of the challenges faced by operators. Due to densification posing challenges for implementing 5G in crowded urban areas and protected rural locations, their streetworks antenna solutions are designed to optimize limited space, blend into the urban landscape, and comply with zoning regulations. As a result, they design and deliver networks that not only meet the demands of 5G, video, IoT applications, and more but also stand resilient against the test of time in an industry that continually transforms.

In a world where 5G holds vast potential but presents formidable challenges, Alpha Wireless emerges as a beacon of confidence for operators. With a wealth of experience, they guide and advise on the intricacies of network builds, addressing interference challenges, geographical barriers, and zoning issues. Alpha Wireless is committed to transforming telecom solutions and understands that cost and performance are significant considerations in adding or extending a network. Their products are developed to deliver exceptional performance and value, saving customers planning and approval time, deployment expenses and equipment costs. Embrace the partnership with Alpha Wireless, where opportunity meets capability, and together, we pave the way for smarter, more connected cities.