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Supported by the worlds’ only online collaborative planning platform, Smart Cities Activator. Our global network of stakeholders helps make more cities livable, workable and sustainable.

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At over $1.5 trillion, the U.S. state, local and education (SLED) government market typically provides close to 500,000 competitive opportunities for…
For those who have been a part of the Smart Cities Council ANZ for some time, Jannat Maqbool's face will be a familiar one. Jannat is an Australian-…
We are delighted to release today our election platform - Smart Nation - for the upcoming 2022 Australian federal election. Shaped with input from…

Smart Cities Academy

The Smart Cities Academy helps build the knowledge and capacity to support a city’s success in accelerating great outcomes, offering anyone the opportunity to enhance their knowledge.

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The Readiness Program, offered globally, helps cities build capacity to accelerate outcomes. Cities learn about what they need to do to accelerate their outcomes.

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Smart Cities Activator is the world’s only on-demand, collaborative, online project planning platform that helps cities plan and deploy any kind of project. 

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