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Smart Cities Council is an objective and neutral network for sharing knowledge and driving capability and capacity. Smart Cities Council is the world's longest-running and most impactful global network that develops and applies science, data, technology and engineering to make the world a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable and resilient place, and to inspire and enable others to do the same.

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Join us as the Smart Cities Council team and global members talk to the people and places advancing the application of science, data, technology, and engineering to enable a safer, more activated, beautiful, and sustainable world now for the future, for everyone.

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Technology and data for a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable, resilient and equitable future for everyone.


Discover best practice and implementation learnings from across the ecosystem to accelerate projects, maximise value and reduce risks.

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Our engagement programs are designed to bring demand and supply-side stakeholders together in a way that incubates business opportunities and nurtures project pipelines.

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Being a part of our networks gives you the opportunity to propel your message, work and solutions using the world’s largest coalition of smart place companies, policy makers and innovators as a stage.

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Science, data, technology, engineering

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