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Smart Cities Readiness Guide

The Readiness Guide was assembled with input from many of the world’s leading smart city practitioners – the members and advisors of the Smart Cities Council. It will help you create a vision for the future of your own city. Equally important, it will help you build an action plan to get to that better future.

Smart Cities ACTIVATOR

Smart Cities Activator is the world’s only on-demand, collaborative, online project planning platform that helps cities plan and deploy any kind of project. Collaborate on multiple projects across locations and time zones with real-time updates for all participants.



Here, you’ll find use cases and knowledge resources compiled in partnership with members over the years, as guidance documents for emerging key supply chain professions and sectors. Look out for the Code for Smart Communities, Digital Benefit District Playbook, Data Exchange Canvas, Data Leadership Vitals, Data Leadership Vitals Readiness Questions and many more.



The Smart Cities Chronicles Chronicles is the premier podcast for exploring smart cities’ action, investment, and outcomes around the world. It hosts in-depth critical discussions with government leaders, NGOs, and private sector subject-matter experts who bring practical advice to accelerating outcomes from technology and data investments.

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The Future of Place podcast examines the intersection of people, place, technology and data. It is available on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts.


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Love of Place is a podcast celebrating the places we all love in the cities we help accelerate. Get to know the personalities of places and how they were built, voiced by the people who love them most. 


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