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Clean Air Pays

Clean Air Pays
Submitted by Philip Bane on February 10, 2022

Welcome to the Smart Cities Chronicles!


Join Julie Pelletier, North American Regional Manager for Ecomesure as she reviews how clean air delivers multiple benefits to communities - and that with the upcoming EPA Community Air Pollution Grant pays for itself. The three key points for this short - 10-minute podcast are:

  • Clean air will improve your community's economic development and reduce health costs since air pollution negatively impacts a cities economy and costs the US every year $600 billion.
  • The cost of air monitoring has been reduced by almost 90%, thus making it cost-effective to deploy.
  • Ecomesure's air monitoring sensors can measure up to eleven (11) different pollutants and work with any communication network - thus allowing for multiple use cases and deployments

If you want more information about the EPA Community Air Pollution Grant, contact Julie Pelletier at Ecomesure.

Applications are due March 25, 2022

Download a short presentation.