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Honeywell works with municipalities and governments to build smart cities that are safer, more sustainable and more livable for citizens. The company’s solutions help create actionable insights that city authorities and municipalities can use to improve their situational awareness, economic development and quality of life for residents. With its open architecture, Honeywell can help cities connect systems and capabilities to bridge departmental silos to allow budgets to stretch further, improve cross-departmental coordination for faster responses, and create safer, more resilient communities.

Honeywell technology can help cities of all sizes improve services and provide a better experience for residents. In most cities, there are terabytes of data generated every day. Honeywell helps cities understand and use this information to make better operational decisions yet keeping within a cost and policy framework.

Honeywell also helps cities work toward meeting sustainability targets with guaranteed efficiency programs that help save taxpayer money and make significant infrastructure improvements financially feasible. Following a detailed energy audit, Honeywell creates a customized program that can generate enough energy savings to pay for the project over the term of the contract while helping to reduce the community’s energy use and environmental impact. From Newark to the New Administrative Capital of Cairo, Honeywell works with cities across the globe –and the buildings within them from airports to hospitals and stadiums to offices buildings – to create better experiences, support uptime and continuity, and manage energy use. Honeywell’s smart city systems connect more than 100,000 IoT sensors and improve the lives of more than 100 million people.