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Camms is a cloud-based SaaS platform - offering an integrated approach to Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) across multiple use cases including, ESG, risk management, incident management, compliance, policy management, regulatory change, health & safety, cyber & IT risk, audits & inspections, business process automation, third-party risk, operational resilience, corporate governance, strategy planning, and project management.

The solution is highly configurable, flexible, and easy to use. Its integrated nature facilitates mapping across multiple ESG & governance, risk, and compliance use cases - creating business intelligence to support decision-making. The Camms platform offers the unique ability to link risk to business objectives - empowering organisations to reliably achieve objectives, navigate uncertainty, and work towards greener, more efficient operating models.

Camms have tens of thousands of users across five continents, with offices in the UK, North America, Australia and Asia. Their customers include The Royal Air Force, HMRC, Pfizer, Bridgestone, 7-Eleven, Bank Australia, The Financial Conduct Authority, Slater & Gordon, Menzies, Betway, Starling Bank, and Ashurst.

Countries: Australia, North America, UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka.