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Based in Adelaide, S. Australia, LVX is a fast-growing company in the field of advisory and consulting for Smart City & IoT projects. It has operations in Australia, Europe, North America and Korea.

After a city has defined its objectives, LVX Global will help to identify and evaluate technology and suppliers, providing technical due diligence, feasibility studies and risk assessments to ensure attainment of the desired outcome. In addition, LVX Global is able to cover the full scope of project implementation through our Engineer-Procure-Construct-Manage (EPCM) Solutions, and our Innovation as a Service (IaaS) offering can provide custom solutions for specific applications as required.

Engineering services cover the fields of Fire Safety, Electrical, Mechanical, Sustainability, Illumination and IT, and we specialize in providing compliance certification and service for Emergency & Exit Lighting, General Lighting Systems & Controls, Fire Safety Systems and Smart City & IoT technologies.


LVX Global