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Valmont Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI), a global leader that provides vital infrastructure and advances agricultural productivity while driving innovation through technology, has joined Smart Cities Council, the largest and longest-running smart places community, as a Global Member. 

“Valmont was founded in 1946 with a clear vision to make a better world,” said Tim Donahue, President, Global Lighting & Transportation. “At Valmont we are keenly aware that over time with the advancement of technology and data we have new tools at our disposal that can enhance the value we bring and the difference that our work makes for communities around the world. For Valmont it is also logical, as we grow with new solutions for the smart infrastructure space, to partner with the world’s largest, longest-standing and respected Smart Cities Organization. Apart from having a huge global network, they share our core values which are fundamental to everything we do.”

Global CEO, Corey Gray added, “Smart Cities Council has a clear vision of making a safer, more beautiful, activated, resilient sustainable and equitable world. In this way, we are 100% aligned with Valmont, as are all of our global members and partners. We envision and strive to deliver a world where the emphasis is on people and place, and technology and data inform and enable action that delivers positive and self-sustaining benefits for Everyone. It is for this reason that the Global Impact Initiative we are now launching is simply called “Everyone”. We have an entire civilization and planet at a tipping point, and everyone is a stakeholder in delivering a better future. It’s very exciting to have an organization such as Valmont as part of our global network to help advance this agenda. With over 11,000 team members and operating in over nearly 100 countries, their involvement will significantly amplify the impact we can make.”

Valmont is a Global Supporter of Smart Cities Council’s Global Launch of the ‘Everyone” Initiative, that is being presented at receptions in New York USA, Barcelona Spain, Manchester UK, Warsaw Poland, Singapore and Perth, Australia through November.

For more information on how to join in these initiatives, visit to find an event in your region, or contact the team.

About Valmont Industries, Inc.

For over 75 years, Valmont® has been a global leader in creating vital infrastructure and advancing agricultural productivity. Today, we remain committed to doing more with less by innovating through technology. Learn more about how we’re Conserving Resources. Improving Life.® at

About Smart Cities Council

The Smart Cities Council, founded in Washington 11 years ago, has been a neutral trusted advisor to public and private sectors, academia, philanthropy and future leaders. The global community is united by the goal of making the world safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable, equitable and resilient for everyone through the use of technology, data, engineering and science.