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Traffic management system routes smaller cities to lower-cost cloud

Submitted by scc staff on September 12, 2014

Small and medium-sized cities backed up with traffic management issues may want to examine a new cloud-based solution from Council Associate Partner Siemens.

The global engineering and electronics company has unveiled TACTICS smartGuard, an online software offering that allows cities of any size to monitor, view and respond to changing traffic conditions in real-time from any Internet-enabled device.

“Normally, the cost, complexity and competence required to operate, manage and maintain central traffic management systems has made it difficult for small and mid-sized cities to implement centralized solutions,” said Sameer Joshi, head of Siemens Road and City Mobility, U.S. “TACTICS smartGuard is specifically designed for use in cities of any size, offered as a monthly subscription-based service that is a fraction of the significant capital costs otherwise spent on a traditional server hosted locally.”

Managing traffic on a smartphone

City traffic managers can connect to the cloud-based solution via PC, tablet or smartphone, allowing them to access pertinent, up-to-date traffic information at any time. This flexibility enables them to change traffic patterns in an instant to reduce congestion and increase safety. Traffic managers have access to all basic functions of a traffic computer -- without needing to set up a local traffic control center.

The software includes detailed traffic condition maps, second-by-second updates, and the ability to easily change traffic plans at any time. Security is certified by TUV, a worldwide safety and certification agency, and includes two-step authentication to ensure changes to the system are made only by authorized staff.

The European cities of Vienna and Dusseldorf are already using a similar version of TACTICS smartGuard. To learn more about the solution, visit the Siemens Integrated Mobility Solutions site.

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