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Fanni Melles (PhD) Joins Smart Cities Council Global Thought Leadership Program to Spearhead Youth Engagement and Future Leaders Initiatives

Submitted by Robyn Francis on April 4, 2024

Smart Cities Council is pleased to announce that today it has appointed Fanni Melles (PhD) to its esteemed Global Thought Leadership Program as Global Thought Leader - Youth Engagement.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Melles will be designing and delivering SCC’s Global Youth Engagement Program, identifying and enabling future leaders within the Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Technology sectors.

With a background in both academia and practical application, Dr. Melles brings a wealth of experience, a global outlook and an impact-driven approach to addressing the challenges of the future of urban spaces and the people who occupy them. This, coupled with her leadership of the SCC Future of Place Task Force, make Dr. Melles a significant asset to our global network in critical vertical.

"We are delighted to welcome Dr. Melles to our Global Thought Leadership Team," said Corey Gray, President of Smart Cities Council. "Her expertise, experience, passion, and commitment to empowering future leaders align perfectly with our mission of creating a safer, more beautiful, enabled, sustainable, resilient, equitable world for Everyone.”

"Joining the Smart Cities Council as the Global Thought Leader for Youth Engagement is an incredible opportunity to make a real impact," said Dr. Melles. "By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing between experienced professionals and the younger generation, we can ensure that the future of our cities is shaped by diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. I am excited to work with the Council and its global network to create a platform where people of all ages can come together, learn from each other, and contribute to building the future of urban environments.

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