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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Announced as Sponsor for Smart Cities Week Aotearoa and Australia 2024, Demonstrating Ongoing Commitment to Public Sector Collaboration

Submitted by Robyn Francis on April 22, 2024

Smart Cities Council is delighted to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will join both Smart Cities Week Aotearoa and Australia 2024 as both a  member and event sponsor, following years of active participation and event support. This sponsorship underscores AWS's steadfast commitment to fostering critical collaboration, enhancing capability and capacity, and showcasing innovative solutions within the public sector.

AWS has been an integral part of Smart Cities Council initiatives, enabling essential collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the smart cities ecosystem. Their continued support underscores their dedication to driving positive change and innovation within urban environments, aligning perfectly with the mission of Smart Cities Week.

This following AWS’s Academy Day at Smart Cities Week 2023. Spearheaded by Anthony Dow Local Government Lead for AWS, the day saw public sector users of AWS’s platform present initiatives alongside solution partners and integrators to aid in sector-wide capability uplift.

As part of their sponsorship, the AWS team will be on hand to share insights into their open-source framework for building scalable, reliable, and interoperable platforms. Leveraging open standards and FIWARE open-source technology in conjunction with AWS Cloud services, this framework empowers the development of smart and efficient solutions across a multitude of domains, including Smart Cities, Regions and Campuses, Energy and Utilities, Agriculture, Smart Building, Automotive, and Manufacturing.

"It is fantastic to have AWS on board as a sponsor for Smart Cities Week Aotearoa and Australia 2024," said Robyn Francis, Engagement and Event Lead at Smart Cities Council. "Their ongoing support and commitment to public sector collaboration have been invaluable in driving innovation and advancing smart city initiatives. We look forward to their continued involvement and the insights they will bring to this year's event."

Smart Cities Week Aotearoa and Australia 2024 promise to deliver engaging sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities for stakeholders across the smart cities landscape. By convening industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators, the event aims to catalyse action and accelerate the development of smart city solutions across the region.

For more information about Smart Cities Week Aotearoa and Australia 2024, please visit the event page.