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Smart Cities Council and Ingram Micro Renew Partnership to Drive Smart City Solutions in North America

Submitted by Robyn Francis on March 18, 2024

Washington DC, 18 March 2024

In a strategic move aimed at advancing smart city initiatives in North America, Smart Cities Council (SCC) and Ingram Micro are thrilled to announce the renewal of their partnership. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both organizations to foster innovation, build capacity, and address real-world challenges within the rapidly evolving landscape of smart cities.

About the Partnership:

Smart Cities Council, a global leader in smart city development, has joined forces with Ingram Micro, a global technology distributor and a leading technology solutions provider, to empower channel partners and cloud consumers with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the smart city ecosystem.

At the core of this collaboration is a commitment to Capacity Building, where SCC's Learning Management System (LMS) Academy will serve as a hub for delivering cutting-edge insights, training, and resources. Channel partners can expect a wealth of knowledge and tools to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving smart city ecosystem.

Simultaneously, SCC and Ingram Micro aim to solidify their position as Thought Leaders in the smart city domain. By generating and sharing valuable content, whitepapers, and case studies, the partnership seeks to shape conversations and drive innovation within the industry. The introduction of a Webinar Series will provide a platform for channel partners to delve into smart city concepts, featuring keynote speakers, thought leaders, and real-world use cases. Complementing this initiative, a new Podcast Series will bring together experts, industry leaders, and partners to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and success stories, fostering a community of knowledge exchange.

Moreover, the partnership will actively participate in prominent events such as the Smart City Expo USA, showcasing their initiatives, sharing problem statements, and establishing connections with potential partners. SCC and Ingram Micro are poised to propel the smart city narrative forward, contributing to the growth and success of their channel partners in this transformative era.

The renewed partnership will have a strong emphasis on the North American market, including key locations such as Arizona, Washington, D.C., and Raleigh, leveraging the unique strengths and expertise of SCC and Ingram Micro to address the specific needs and challenges of the North American smart city landscape.

"We are excited about the renewal of our partnership with Smart Cities Council. The collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing innovative solutions and support to our channel partners in North America. Together, we will drive the adoption of smart city solutions, enabling our partners to thrive in this dynamic and transformative ecosystem,” said Brian Flanagan, Smart Cities Lead at Ingram Micro.

Smart Cities Council is a global organization dedicated to accelerating the move to smart, sustainable cities. With a focus on providing resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities, SCC empowers public and private sector members to collaboratively transform urban spaces through innovative technologies and solutions.

About Ingram Micro:

Ingram Micro is the business behind the world’s brands with the ability to reach nearly 90 percent of the world’s population. Our reach, combined with our diverse solutions portfolio and ease of doing business with our digital experience platform, Ingram Micro Xvantage™, makes us unique. We reach close to 200 countries and have approximately 26,000 associates and more than 161,000 customers and 1,500 vendor partners worldwide. Learn more at

About Smart Cities Council

Smart Cities Council is a global organization dedicated to helping cities and companies use technology to improve the livability, workability, and sustainability of their cities. The Council works to help cities harness the power of digital technology and intelligent design to create better communities and more engaging experiences for citizens. For more information, please contact