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Submitted by Robyn Francis on November 23, 2023

Washington, DC | 24 November 2023 - Smart Cities Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Ferrán Doñate as the LATAM and Smart Tourism Lead, underscoring the organization's dedication to advancing smart city initiatives and tourism development worldwide.

Ferrán Doñate is a highly accomplished leader with a diverse background, holding degrees in systems engineering, business administration, tax consulting, and tax management. His commitment to innovation is underscored by certifications from MIT in innovation and from “TEC de Monterrey” in business organization and data intelligence.

Notably, Ferrán is a member of the network of stakeholders and experts in Smart Tourism of the Department of Digital Skills for Tourism of the European Commission. He holds key positions, including:

  • International Vice President of the Coordinator of Technological Entities of Catalonia
  • President of the Technology Cluster ACECCAT Catalonia Cloud Computing Companies Association
  • Advisor in Smart Tourism for the Venetian Tech Cluster in Italy
  • Expert Advisor in Smart Tourism for the European Union Tech Chamber
  • Leader in Digital Transformation of Rural Tourism Destinations in the European Union
  • Tourism Expert for the Digital Skill for Tourism Department of the European Commission

In addition to these roles, Ferrán serves as the General Director of FIM Group, a Smart Cities Innovation Company, and is the CEO and Founder of Innoticmatica Group. He also holds the position of Innovation Director at Fundación TuSeres Turismo Responsible and is a founding partner and General Director of Innovation Hub in Tulum, Mérida, and Miami.

Ferrán is a driving partner of the Mediterranean Innovation Hub for the network of technological clusters of the Mediterranean and a member of the Consortium Urban OS Smart Cities Framework located in San Francisco - Silicon Valley.

"We are thrilled to welcome Ferrán Doñate to our team, and his extensive experience and leadership in Smart Tourism will undoubtedly contribute to our global mission," said Corey Gray, President of Smart Cities Council. “Ferrán will, as an immediate action, form a Smart Tourism taskforce, to outline a framework to aid cities in facilitating tourism and hospitality through ICT-based tools that increase visitation, and enable economic uplift.”

This announcement builds on recent appointments, including Tom Pennington, Stephen Cercone and Brad Seaman, showcasing the Smart Cities Council's commitment to assembling a world-class team dedicated to shaping the future of urban development.

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