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Smart cities standards: Lets talk

Submitted by Adam Beck on July 15, 2020
Standards can provide a range of benefits to cities and the industries that support them. The Smart Cities Council supports the development and adoption of standards (of all kinds) as they have the opportunity for pointing us in a common direction which can help with action, investment and scaling.

Standards and guidance documents describe good practice and clearly set out exactly what needs to be done to comply with it. They also highlight what needs to be specified in procurement processes to ensure goods and services supplied are fit for purpose.

For years smart cities standards have been created around the world to help advance sustainable outcomes. In 2017 the Smart Cities Council published a Smart Cities Guidance Note for Stanadards, which can be downloaded here.

Australia's new smart cities standards

Australia has a new set of smart cities standards to support strategy development, smart cities performance measurement and management systems for sustainable development.

Over the past few months, the following documents have been published by Standards Australia:

  • AS ISO 37101:2020: Sustainable development in communities - Management system for sustainable development - Requirements with guidance for use
  • AS ISO 37104:2020: Sustainable citis and communities - Transforming our cities - Guidance for practical local implementation fo AS ISO 37101
  • AS ISO 37106:2020: Sustainable cities and communities - Guidance on establishing smart city operating models for sustainable communities
  • AS ISO 37122:2020: Sustainable cities and communities - Indicators for smart cities

Copies of these standards can be purchased from the Stanadards Australia webstore here.

For more information on these standards, watch the video below or head to our YouTube channel here.