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Schedule for Orange County Smart & Healthy Building Readiness Program

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 28, 2021

All sessions unless noted differently begin at 11:30 am EDt

Date and Registration Link

Primary Topic


April 29

Orange County Convention Center 

Primary focus will be on upcoming HVAC, electrical, and digital infrastructure projects at the Orange County Convention Center.


OCCC will also announce a Smart Cities Council driven process to improve security at OCCC.


Orange County Convention Center Security Upgrade Requirements

An ‘invite only’ webinar where Orange County will review upcoming plans to upgrade Orange County Convention Center security. 

May 13


Orange County Stakeholder

Orlando, Winter Park and other cities and utilities will discuss how they view Orange County’s Smart & Healthy Building Plan and how they plan to participate.

May 13

5 pm EDT

Data Driven Equitable Outcomes

Nashville and Orange County, along with innovative solution providers Neighbourlytics (Australia), State of Place and Xylem will review how they can use to data to ethically improve the human experience of their communities.

May 27

OC Built Environment

Review all built environment other than Orange County Convention Center. Also review EV infrastructure

June 10

Net Zero Carbon / Energy Requirements

Review Orange County Net Zero Carbon and energy efficiency goals with experts.

June 24

Water, Air and Occupancy Requirements 

Review Orange County water, air and occupancy goals with experts. Focus on wellness.

June 25 – July 21



July 22

Invite only webinars with experts and solution providers. Topics covered will include:

  • Data (cloud) and communication solutions for built environment
  • Energy, water, air and occupancy solutions
  • Fire and security solutions
  • EV infrastructure programs for built environment
  • Predictive analytics, specifically Digital Twins
  • Local community data to improve the human experience of built environment

Aug 5


Aug 19

Sept 9

Oct 6-9

Scoping Workshop

‘Invite-only’ in-person workshop were Orange County and other invited cities will scope with select experts and solution providers all use cases requiring solutions.

Oct 6-9

Smart Cities Week @ WIA’s ConnectX

General programming with emphasis on 5G



Digital Twin Week

Virtual conference on predictive analytics