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Post COVID Urbanism: Where to next?

Submitted by Adam Beck on October 6, 2020
What is post COVID Urbanism, and why do we need to discuss it?

Well, everything about 'place' is changing, and the COVID pandemic has highlighted this.

On Tuesday 6th October the Smart Cities Council hosted a discovery session with an online audience of 100, to discuss what our cities need to consider with respect to new mobility, e-commerce and related innovations and disruptions within our cities and communities. And of course, what might be the urban planning and design impacts of this.

Our guests leading the discovery session included:

  • Professor Hussein Dia | Chair of Civil Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Jessica Christiansen-Franks | Co-Founder, Neighbourlytics
  • Chris Isles | Economic Development Manager, Brisbane City Council
  • Sara Stace | Manager Walking and Cycling Strategy, Transport for NSW

You can watch the recording below:


Throughout the session we worked with the audience to seek feedback on a number of questions and scenarios, which provide us with further ideas and direction in our city planning and design in the coming years. The output from the polling can be downloaded below.

This session was kindly sponsored by Swinburne University of Technology Smart Cities Research Institute.