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Online city collaboration - asset and device management. June 2, 2020, at 11:00 am EST

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 26, 2020

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Cities helping cities to kick start your planning process

  • The Smart Cities Council will lead an online collaborative planning process for cities that seek to implement device and asset management.
  • This is for cities only and any city in the world can participate.

City-data is guiding this process

Our data from last year’s Readiness Challenge, which exclusively focused on North American cities (over 200+ projects from Canada, Mexico and the US) and our survey of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 139 cities and counties found that a fundamental use case for IoT was device and asset monitoring. In laymen’s terms, this involves keeping track of your cars, trucks, mobile phones and other digital devices. Depending on your focus, it could include buildings and of course if you were a police or fire department, it could include protective gear, communications equipment and so forth. Finally, it could include edge devices such as cameras and other sensors. With edge devices, you may also need to manage software.

Cities are considering projects managing devices and assets because, as our data reveals, these projects -

  • can get started quickly (in less than a year)
  • can be started with a six-figure budget (thus within most city budgets)
  • have a good ROI
  • can be implemented city-wide, thus extending benefits to multiple departments (also leading to possibly the sharing of costs between these departments.)

The Activator Planning Process - online, collaborative and free

Learn from other cities about -

  • Common device and asset management problems among cities
  • Solutions that work for cities
  • Who should be at the table as you plan?
  • Starting your project
  • Measuring success
  • Where to look for funding your plan?

Deliverable will be a project template called ‘Device and Asset Management Roadmap. It can be used in Smart Cities Activator to continue your project planning or downloaded to a PDF.


Multiple languages - using Google Translate, the Device and Asset Management Roadmap can be read in over 100 languages.


Process will involve the Council’s Managing Director, who has experience with data integration projects, leading the interactive process. We will invite other experts from cities and solution providers to provide insights. You can just listen or ask questions.

Customize to your requirements. You will have access to the Activator Roadmap to customize to your goals and requirement. You will have access to your own private workspace or can download the Activator Roadmap to PDF. You can invite others to your workspace as you choose.

Schedule –

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Not in the eastern USA time zone?

All sessions will be recorded with the Roadmap shared with all registrants. You can -

  • Listen to all sessions
  • Review all work
  • Send in questions for the next session
  • Port the work to your own private workspace
  • Answer surveys and see survey results

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