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Mumbai, Delhi listed in EIU’s top 50 safest cities in the world

Mumbai, Delhi
Submitted by scc india staff on September 3, 2021

New Delhi and Mumbai have made it to the top 50 on the Global Safe Cities Index 2021, with a score of 56.1 and 54.4, respectively.

The first 10 safest cities from the Index are Copenhagen, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Wellington, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Stockholm.

Recently, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), part of The Economist Group, published the Safe Cities Index 2021. This NEC Corporation sponsored report is based on the fourth iteration of the index, which ranked 60 cities depending on 76 indicators comprising health, digital, personal, infrastructure and environmental security.

New Delhi stood at the 48th position and Mumbai at the 50th among the 60 cities. New Delhi was preceded by Johannesburg with 56.2 points, while Riyadh scored 55.1 points, 49th rank, between the two Indian cities. Mumbai was accompanied by Manila.

Reversing the common opinion that Mumbai is safer than New Delhi, on the personal security front, New Delhi stood at 41st place with 52.8 points while Mumbai stood at 50th place with 48.2 points. Copenhagen was the record topper. In the ‘digital security category, New Delhi stood at 48th place, having 47.5 points, while Mumbai stood at 53rd spot, having 45.4 points. Sydney bagged the top spot.

Mumbai at 44th spot lagged New Delhi at 40th position in health security, with the first rank, in this category going to Tokyo. New Delhi stood at the 44th spot in infrastructure security, while Mumbai stood at the 48th spot. Hong Kong bagged the first spot. But, in the environmental security category, New Delhi ranked 49, and Mumbai ranked 46. Wellington topped this category.

But, many would tend to disagree with the list which describes Delhi as a safe city, notably when it comes to women's safety. As per the National Crime Record Bureau, Kolkata is the safest city in India for women for two consecutive years now.