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Investing in a Greener Future: How to move beyond strategy to deliver and report on ESG objectives.

Submitted by Robyn Francis on October 4, 2023

Smart Cities Council & Camms Announce Global Partnership to help organisations deliver on ESG objectives and confidently report on initiatives, balancing growth and sustainability.

Washington DC-based Smart Cities Council, (“SCC”), the world’s largest and longest-running Smart Cities Social Impact Organization, has announced a Partnership with Camms, a global SaaS company unlocking the value of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives through comprehensive, off the shelf software solutions that offer rapid time to value and immediate visibility of ESG initiatives. The partnership comes just one week after the Biden-Harris administration announcement of the launch of the American Climate Corps, through the Investment in America agenda.

Globally, satisfying ESG criteria is no longer optional for an organisation, but a social, legal, and strategic imperative that is seeing leaders looking for ways to demonstrate performance and go beyond meeting reporting requirements to generate value from ESG programs. Effective governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management can be facilitated by software with capabilities to share data and insights across an organization’s wider risk landscape to drive agility and decision-making – and ESG programmes can also benefit from this exciting technology.

“Camms offer a comprehensive ESG platform that enables organisations to plan their ESG strategy and confidently report on key initiatives. The platform consolidates ESG data into a central location allowing organisations to; manage risk, achieve objectives, identify savings & efficiencies, and report to regulators and the board.  We want to ensure that organisations are able to simply & effectively move from strategy to action and impact, and we see Camms as a market leader in this regard,” said Corey Gray, Global CEO of Smart Cities Council. “Climate Corps is set to mobilize a new and diverse generation of Americans to conserve resources, bolster resilience, deploy energy-saving initiatives, and implement technologies. We see this partnership as an opportunity to further equip both current and future leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver tangible impact that goes beyond ESG strategies & white papers.”

Another example is LL97, New York City’s local law passed in 2019 as part of a Climate Mobilization Act aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The law requires buildings over 25,000 square feet to meet strict carbon emissions limits or face strict fines. Set to take effect in 2024, companies have a limited amount of time to ensure they are compliant. There’s much work to be done in investing in energy-efficient systems, upgrading equipment, and ensuring that their buildings are properly insulated, to ensure that fines are not faced - and that’s just one law amongst many highlighting the vital need to shift from strategy to accurately being able to track ESG initiatives, actions, and KPIs.  

"Building a sustainable future requires more than vision; it demands tangible action. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to move from strategic ideation to impactful execution, ensuring our cities are smarter, greener, and ready for the challenges ahead," noted Alby Bocanegra, Futurist in Residence, Smart Cities Council & Former NYC CTO.

On the 11-13 Oct, the Camms and Smart Cities Council teams will launch the partnership in person as they attend the 2023 Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors Forum in Brisbane. 

Followers of Smart Cities Council can look forward to seeing the broader Camms team present during upcoming events, being active on task forces, and of course, sharing resources and use cases to help build capability and capacity for the smart cities sector at large, which is working collectively to help deliver better places.

The team at Camms understand that every business has different pain points. Regardless of what stage of maturity a business is in, or what their objectives may be, Camms can deliver solutions for everything from beginners to Enterprise level deployments through their flexible cloud-based ESG offering that scales as organisations grow. 

“The way organisations view and manage GRC and ESG is being redefined. Automation is unlocking the ability to clearly monitor ESG commitments, streamline & simplify stakeholder communications on ESG, and proactively manage risks by providing assurance on regulatory compliance. All of this unlocks a critical element – optimised corporate investment into ESG initiatives with demonstrable results. We’re seeing clients uncover opportunities for growth, reduce costs, and create operational efficiencies,” Beau Murfitt, Chief Revenue Officer, Camms  


Download the whitepaper here. 


About Camms.

Camms is a cloud-based SaaS platform - offering an integrated approach to Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) across multiple use cases including, ESG, risk management, incident management, compliance, policy management, regulatory change, health & safety, cyber & IT risk, audits & inspections, business process automation, third-party risk, operational resilience, corporate governance, strategy planning, and project management.

The solution is highly configurable, flexible, and easy to use. Its integrated nature facilitates mapping across multiple ESG & governance, risk, and compliance use cases - creating business intelligence to support decision-making. The Camms platform offers the unique ability to link risk to business objectives - empowering organisations to reliably achieve objectives, navigate uncertainty, and work towards greener, more efficient operating models.

Camms have tens of thousands of users across five continents, with offices in the UK, North America, Australia and Asia. Their customers include The Royal Air Force, HMRC, Pfizer, Bridgestone, 7-Eleven, Bank Australia, The Financial Conduct Authority, Slater & Gordon, Menzies, Betway, Starling Bank, and Ashurst.

About Smart Cities Council

Smart Cities Council is a global social impact organisation with a mission to create a safer, more enabled, beautiful, sustainable, resilient, and equitable world by building capability, capacity and collaboration. Showcasing solutions that move the sector from conversations and lengthy reports filled with recommendations to taking action and making an impact is a key part of the organizations value. “Helping stakeholders in both public and private sectors clearly demonstrate the value of their work means projects are better supported, funded and implemented,” noted Gray whilst announcing the partnership.