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Digital Twin Challenge to grow market opportunities

Submitted by Adam Beck on March 21, 2021

The 2021 Digital Twin Challenge is an 18 month immersive program for leading Council's and government agencies to develop and deliver Digital Twin innovation, for all.

The SCC will facilitate a program of knowledge exchange, learning, resource development, networking and celebration.

Working with our government project leads will be a range of private sector and academic peers, sharing their expertise in a collaborative environment to create the next generation of Digital Twin knowledge resources.

The Challenge is not a pilot project, grant program or consultancy exercise.

It is a cohort of Digital Twin leaders coming together and creating the next generation of blueprints, templates and knowledge resources for all of our community to benefit from. And along the way our participants will advance their Digital Twin capability and readiness. The 2021 Digital Twin Challenge will be a world-leading program watched by many, with benefits for all. We are now seeking applications from those interested in participating in the Challenge and sponsoring its program of work. Here are some of the projects on offer to applicants (noting other proposals are welcomed from applicants): 
  • An organisation-wide Digital Twin Strategy - creating a template and building out a Digital Twin Strategy for your organisation
  • A ‘GIS to Digital Twin’ Roadmap - building-off your existing GIS work, identify key steps to address gaps in your Digital Twin capability
  • A model for Digital Twin Data Management - work with leading experts to help develop a model for information management within a Digital Twin environment
  • Digital Twin as a data sharing and exchange platform - how might your Digital Twin journey be an opportunity to accelerate data sharing and exchange among your stakeholders?
  • Artificial intelligence as a driver for Digital Twin performance - focus in on how artificial intelligence can play a role in your Digital Twin success
  • A targeted ‘Digital Twin for Sustainability’ Strategy - help shape a blueprint for how Digital Twin capability can strategically support your sustainability goals
  • Landscape-based Digital Twin environments - define the use cases and opportunities for nature-based Digital Twin projects
  • An organisation-wide Digital Twin education program - develop learning materials that support capability development in Digital Twin engagement, action and investment for your organisation
  • A Digital Twin Data Visualisation Roadmap for community engagement - work on ensuring that community engagement is at the heart of your Digital Twin journey
  • A project-level Digital Twin Action Plan - take an existing or new project - main street renewal, library development, utilities upgrade - and produce a Digital Twin Action Plan template
  • Digital Twin pilot for city planning and design - how can your city planning and urban design processes be further optimised with Digital Twin capability
  • A Digital Twin Asset Optimisation Framework - work up a framework to apply Digital Twin capability to the management and optimisation of your core assets
  • An 'IoT for Digital Twin' Strategy - building-off your existing IoT investments, identify key steps to build your Digital Twin capability (or vice versa).

As a participant in the 2021 Challenge cohort you will not only benefit from the Challenge project that you lead, but also each and every other Challenge project. By working as a cohort in a collaborative way, the level of learning and value-add to your Digital Twin journey is unmatched.

An industry briefing session will be held on Wednesday 31 March, 12:00pm AEDT. You can register here. To download the Application Information Pack and access the Application Portal, click here. Applications close on Monday 19 April midnight AEDT.