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Chandigarh administration approves C&D waste policy draft rules

Chandigarh administration approves
Submitted by scc india staff on August 27, 2021

The Chandigarh administration approved draft rules of the construction and demolition (C&D) waste policy, aiming to reuse 100% C&D waste in the city after recycling. The draft rules of the C&D waste policy will be sent to Chandigarh administrator VP Singh Badnore for approval, and accordingly, public notice seeking suggestions and objections will be issued.

Union Territory (UT) adviser Dharam Pal said he aims to recycle 100% C&D waste. The UT will give various options to residents to bring C&D waste to its plant in the Industrial Area.

He said that the charges, transportation modes—private or government — everything will be finalised after receiving objections and suggestions from the public. He further added that the UT is aiming not only at the C&D waste of Chandigarh but also Panchkula and Mohali.

During the municipal corporation (MC) commissioner KK Yadav presentation related to solid waste management rules-2016, it was discussed that while residents are free to use their private vehicle to send their malba to the plant, MC vehicles will also be available but on a chargeable basis, Sources said.

Dharam Pal had recently urged the MC to expand the capacity of the C&D waste plant at Industrial Area, Phase I, for better use of recycled .