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Smart Cities Week returns to Australia in 2022 with a Digital Twin twist

smart cities week
Submitted by Robyn Francis on August 7, 2022

Globally renowned Smart Cities event returns to Australia, powered by Amazon Web Services.

After a COVID-related hiatus, Smart Cities Week returns to Australian shores from 6 - 10 February 2023. This coming-together of the who’s-who in smart cities, digital twin and future of place thought leadership is an energising, open dialogue on how to leverage technology to deliver better quality of life for citizens. 

Smart Cities Week offers sessions designed to bring demand and supply side stakeholders together in a way that incubates business opportunities and incubates the smart cities investment pipeline. Attendees can look forward to over 4 experience sessions, 70+ speakers and 200+ delegates from across sector divides. 

The event will be delivered in conjunction with Digital Twin Week, known as the premier platform for showcasing, exchanging and networking around all things Digital Twin in the built and natural environment. For 2020 and 2021 Digital Twin Week was an online-only event. Once again the event will offer a series of opportunities to connect and gain information and insights on Digital Twin activity, policy and practice from government and industry leaders.

“Combining Smart Cities Week with a Digital Twin twist is a great way to introduce organizations to the combined benefits of technology solutions that are able to cater to both requirements. The focus on optimizing operations, refining urban planning, streamlining transport options, improving emergency response and also increasing focus on sustainability initiatives is a huge focus at AWS and we look forward in participating at and sponsoring this unique event,” Andra Christie, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services. 

During the recently held Smart Cities Council event, the Aotearoa New Zealand Digital Twin Summit on July 7th, 2022, attendees requested more case studies and views of twins cities in action. “The program for Smart Cities Week, which will be announced soon, looks to answer this call,” said former Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia and New Zealand, Jannat Maqbool. “Throughout the programme for Smart Cities Week we will have online-only sessions, plenary presentations, Board Room discussion, Experiences and classroom learning focused on the topic of Digital Twin, alongside a guest speaker at breakfast or drinks, discussing digital twins as part of Smart Nation and the Future of Place, and highlighting Digital Twin data leadership.”

Leading the lineup for the event is Platinum event sponsor, Amazon Web Services, who will offer attendees a look at AWS-powered twin cities, and how towns, regions and cities, can use cloud benefits, technology and support, to realise their local planning vision.

Learn more and register, here.

About Smart Cities Week

Smart Cities Week is a global convening of policy makers, practitioners, technologists, researchers and affiliated organisations facilitated by the Smart Cities Council across its key regions, including North America, India, Europe and Australia. Smart Cities Week Australia and New Zealand 2022 is delivered in partnership with Platinum event sponsor, Amazon Web Services. 

About the Smart Cities Council

The longest-running global smart cities ecosystem, the Smart Cities Council, was founded in 2012. We envision a world where innovation, technology and data leverage smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and top-notch jobs. The Smart Cities Council serves as an objective and neutral network for sharing knowledge. As of 2022, the Smart Cities Council has produced eight Smart Cities Weeks and five Readiness Challenges that had over 30 winners and 80 Readiness Workshops. With these events, the council has served over 50 cities with a total population of 1.5 billion. We have also collected data on over 600 projects through the Readiness Challenge and offer a project platform called Activator. 

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