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Smart Cities Week Australia and New Zealand was previously delivered in February 2023, in partnership with Platinum event sponsor, Amazon Web Services, Gold Plus partner NBN, and venue partner Swinburne University. 

This coming-together of the who’s-who in smart cities, digital twin and future of place thought leadership is an energising, open dialogue on how to leverage technology to deliver better quality of life for everyone. 

Smart Cities Week offers sessions designed to bring demand and supply side stakeholders together in a way that incubates business opportunities and incubates the smart cities investment pipeline.

This year, the event will be delivered in conjunction with Digital Twin Week, known as the premier platform for showcasing, exchanging and networking around all things Digital Twin in the built and natural environment. Once again the event will offer a series of opportunities to connect and gain information and insights on Digital Twin activity, policy and practice from government and industry leaders.



  • 300+ delegates
  • 4+ breakout sessions, twice a day (in person
  • Pre-Day and Post-Day
  • Option to attend online Monday

...with key note speakers, plenary and breakout panel discussion, Boardroom sessions, Experience session, and classroom style learning, covering all things smart cities and digital twin.

Monday Online
9:00am - Women in BIM - How Diversity and Inclusion can Impact on the Future Diversity of the Digital Construction Industry 
10:00am - City of Windhoek - An African Smart City Journey
1:00pm - Sara Shirowzhan, School of Built Environment - Digital Twin Maturity Levels for Smart Cities
2:00pm - Committee for Brisbane - Brisbane 2032

Tuesday Online
10:30am - Digital Twin for a City - Regine Deleu, CoDigital
12:00pm - Urban Advisory - Measuring Wellness

Tuesday In Person
12:00pm - City of Boroondara Walking Tour - Innovation Spine, Glenferrie
4:00pm - Swinburne Smart Cities Research Roadshow: Using Data for Urban Change
5:30pm - Welcome Drinks


8:45am - Welcome to Country and Welcome to Swinburne
9:10am - Welcome Comments - Craig Lawton, AWS 
9:15am - Keynote Talk: The Future of Place
9:45am - Panel Discussion: Digital Twin: Where to Next
10:30am - Morning Tea
11:00am - Breakout Sessions
12:15pm - Lunch & Networking
1:15pm - Note from Mobile Crisis Construction
1:30pm - Keynote: Richard Mulcahy, CEO, Lighting Council Australia
2:00pm - Breakout Sessions
3:15pm - Afternoon Tea
3:45pm - Panel Discussion: Connecting and Powering Australia
6:30 pm - Networking Dinner, River's Edge, Melbourne CBD - Registration mandatory

Breakout Sessions: 


Time Description
11:00 am

Stage - Data For Good - Cheryl Abundo, AWS and Hugh Amoyal, Bueno
Boardroom - Building Sustainable Cities with the Cloud - Craig Lawton and Jason Whittet, AWS
Session 1 - Beyond Smart Infrastructure - Active Neutral Hosting, OneWiFi & Infrastructure
Session 2 - Placemaking - Out Future Cities, Paul Satur, Monash University
Session 3 - Enabling Smart Cities through Energy Management - Energy Efficiency Session 4 - Product Development for Smart Public Spaces - James Peet, ENE.HUB
Session 5 - Safe, Smart Buildings - Clevertronics

02:00 pm Stage - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Grace de Leon, Christchurch Council
Boardroom - Connectivity Planning for Smart Cities - Ian Hatton, ENE.HUB
Session 1 - Creating Smart and Sustainable Services with the Smart Territory Framework - Joseph Bennett and Isabella Du, AWS
Session 2 - Data Aggregation: Driving User Experience and Outcomes - Clevertronics
Session 3 - What the $#@% is a Digital Twin? - Digital Twins Partnership
Session 4 - Data Driven Smart City Middlewear Design - IDT Solutions


9:00am - Welcome Comments - The Future of the Smart Cities Council
9:05am - Keynote Talk: Digital Twins, Smart Cities and Simulation - Jason Whittet, AWS
9:45am - Panel Discussion: What Does an Iconic Smart Place Look Like in 2023?
10:30am - Morning Tea
11:00am - Breakout Sessions
12:15pm - Lunch & Networking
1:15pm - Keynote Talk: The Next Phase of Digital Twin for Government - Digital Twin Victoria, Department of Transport and Planning
2:00pm - Breakout Sessions
3:15pm - Afternoon Tea
3:45pm - Panel Discussion: The Realities + Potential: Digital Twin Technology and Environmental Change
4:30pm - Panel Discussion: Smart Airports - Corey Gray, Smart Cities Council
5:15pm - Wrap Up and Closing Comments

Time Description
11:00 am Stage - Let's Get Practical: Getting Started with Digital Twins - Veris
Boardroom - Art of the possible: Digital Twins and real-world spatial simulations on AWS - Andra Christie and Ryan Qi, AWS
Session 1 - Circular Economy - Nicole Garfano, ACE Hub
Session 2 - Smart City Strategy - Michael Healy, Christchurch Council 
Session 3 - The role of innovation labs in driving economic development - Logan City Council
Session 4 - Digitally Enabled Panel - ENE.HUB
02:00 pm Stage -  The Importance of Digitally Connected Infrastructure and the Ability for Accessibility - SAGE
Boardroom - Cybersecurity - ALGIM
Session 1 - Digital Twins and Simulation technologies powering smart cities - Andra Christie and Ryan Qi, AWS
Session 2 - Innovative procurement creating low carbon and zero maintenance infrastructure - Inconmat, AUSTENG, Geelong City Council
Session 3 - Digital Twin Planning and Compliance - Luke Bassett, Digital Twin Victoria, Department of Transport and Planning



Join in as councils and placemaking specialists share examples of smart cities solutions in action. 

8:30am - 11:30am - Smart Cities in Action
12:00pm - 1:30pm - Smart Cities: From Strategy to Solution
1:45pm - 3pm - Innovation, Training and Certification



Lyndsey is CEO and cofounder of agtech company Platfarm. Based in regional SA, Lyndsey uses technology, innovation, and open source software and methodologies to build and connect communities.


We have an awesome line up of speakers this year, handpicked from across Australia and New Zealand, some of which will be covering what you would more traditionally expect from an event like this with others adding to the overall experience with the not so traditional but just as important, if not more so. 

There are still loads of opportunities to be part of the programme so please get in touch if you are interested in participating.