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AWS Academy Day presentations at Smart Cities Week 2023

Submitted by laura.valeine@… on March 13, 2023

Smart Cities Week 2023 took place February 6-10 and the last day of the week was hosted by AWS. Councils and placemaking specialists shared examples of smart cities solutions in action during this AWS Academy Day.


We heard first-hand how the combination of sensors, data analytics and AI/ML are improving public safety, reducing congestion, preventing bushfires, optimising asset utilization, and saving precious water supply. From enabling visibility into wastewater data to reduced risk for customers to the seamless management of residents requests using the aptly named app Snap, Send, Solve!. Smart city pioneers, ENE.HUB, joined to share how they lit up the USC Smart Precinct Campus. Meshed, who led a successful consortium of partners including AWS, Peclet, Phoria, Smart City Solutions, University of Melbourne and City-Wide Services to deliver the “Smart Argyle Square” solution for the City of Melbourne were also participating.

We have combined the presentations below and invite you to explore any and all topics that you might have missed and are interested in. Click on the presentation title below to view the slides.

Developing a Smart Cities strategy - Identifying the cart & the horse - presented by Stephen Fernando (Murray River Council)
Murray River Council, NSW, share learnings from Stephen Fernando's time at Mackay Regional Council, challenging you to understand your business strategy and how this will help identify how smart cities can contribute to the solution.

A systems approach to drive data-driven decision-making - presented by Michael Whereat (Sunshine Coast Council)
Insight into how Council are taking a systems approach to embedding physical digital infrastructure and non-physical digital infrastructure to drive data-driven decision-making.

Unlock the power of your geospatial data - presented by Philip Caunter and Kurt Janssen (Orbica)
Orbica had been working with Northland Regional Council in NZ to automate the repair of time series data using machine learning techniques, critical intelligence for monitoring river height, water quality and flow.

Flood detection project - presented by Matt Oxlade (LGAQ)
Local Government Queensland Association have developed a flood monitoring and warning system as a pilot with Carpentaria Shire Council.

Smart Cities in action - presented by Paul Englund (CGI)
CGI share a case study where they used Australian IP, SensorInsights360, that uses IoT to create Smart Bins that help solve a messy waste disposal problem.

Glen Eira City Council & Snap Send Solve - presented by Danny Gorog (Snap Send Solve) and Kellie Vise (Glen Eira City Council)
Hear how Councils like Glen Eira City Council take a technology-first approach to resident requests, by using Snap Send Solve to seamlessly manage resident requests and maintain its high standard of customer service, and SSS shared details of their latest Annual report.

Digital Twin Use Case: Class A recycled water project - presented by Steve Avery (ARQ Group), Blair Smith (Melbourne Water) and Li Yuchong (ARQ Group)
ARQ Group and Melbourne Water walk-through the use-case at Melbourne Water for Digital Twin using AWS Twinmaker for Class A Recycled Water.

Alexandrina Council uses algorithms for efficiency, sustainability and risk - presented by Kale Needham (SpiralData )
Alexandrina Council gains visibility into wastewater data and reduces the risk for customers by using SpiralData on AW.

Smart projects by ENE.HUB - presented by Ian Hatton (ENE.HUB)
The team at ENE.HUB share some of their smart cities project including the University of Sunshine Coast Smart Precinct Campus called ‘TheMill Moreton Bay'.

AWS Smart City competency - presented by Linh Le (AWS)
A conversation with councils and partners on translating smart city strategies to concrete solutions, including how councils can easily find the right strategy and implementing partners through the recently-launched AWS Smart City Competency.

Putting the "Smart" into Smart Cities - presented by Paul McManus (Meshed)
Meshed led a successful consortium of partners including AWS, Peclet, Phoria, Smart City Solutions, University ofMelbourne and City-Wide Services who delivered the “Smart Argyle Square” project to better provide climate resilience data.

Smart Christchurch - Strategy and Sentinel: earthquake monitoring network - presented by Michael Healy and Grace de Leon (Christchurch City Council)
Christchurch City Council shared their new Smart Christchurch Strategy including the latest on the dense urban network of seismic sensors installed around the City that will help build the city’s earthquake resilience.

An alternative take on the "Smart City" construct - presented by Paul Mathiesen (Logan City Council, coLab Growth Hub)
City of Logan Council in partnership with CreativeHQ share some experience/insight, including in the ‘the role of innovation labs in driving economic development’.

Long live dynamic storytelling - presented by Karim Sabet (OrbViz)
Councils find it challenging to communicate their progress, plans and outcomes in a meaningful way. Few – if any – engage with bulky PDF reports or can understand the complex data within them. Find out how OrbViz provides a simple way for organisations to translate their data directly into an engaging experience that works, boosting engagement by up to 5000%.