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Scottsdale Readiness Workshop

Submitted by Robyn Francis on April 6, 2022

The goal for this Readiness Workshop was to accelerate projects based on the needs of people in the community. 

The workshop served as an opportunity for partners to engage in purposeful dialogue with many of the city's stakeholders. In the morning we reviewed data and heard about Scottsdale's potential projects for acceleration.  

In 2020, Scottsdale released a Scottsdale Smart City Strategic Roadmap. Projects include:

  • Smart Streetlighting and multi-sensor modes
  • Intelligent Traffic Signals
  • Pedestrian Safety (particularly along Scottsdale Rd. & McDowell)
  • Parking Management Solutions (for existing spaces as well as future garages)
  • Heat mitigation
  • Wayfinding in the SkySong area

Discussions were centered around people and technology. Instead of planning for technology or business-model demonstrations, we looked at how innovation districts can operate as a model where site-specific placemaking is in response to data about community engagement. We questioned whether data about lifestyle characteristics of a community (outdoor recreation, arts and crafts, higher education or nightlife) can lead to transportation, built environment and community-centered improvements that make a community resilient and improves its well-being. 

Take a look at some of the moments we captured. 


Brent Stockwell, Assistant City Manager, City of Scottsdale, presenting on Scottsdale Smart City Strategic Roadmap.


Philip Bane, Benchmarking Skysong to Global Benchmarks with data collected from Neighbourlytics.


Yani Deros, President, ATOM presenting Data on Listening To the Voice of the Community.


SCC Partners discussing Mapping Solutions to People's Needs.

  • Joseph Viscuso, Pennoni - moderator
  • Rubens Costa, Signify
  • Mark Verheyen, LVX
  • Noelani McGadden, Senet 
  • Lisa Brown, Johnson Controls


Morning Breakout groups - Sharing Insights about Data Driven Engagement at Skysong.