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Neighbourlytics is an innovative data analytics company that uncovers rich insights about human behaviour and activity in neighbourhoods, allowing decision-makers to make more effective choices about how cities and neighbourhoods are planned, managed and improved.

Unlike most traditional city data, which typically focuses on the physical environment, Neighbourlytics’ platform offers breakthrough data analytics into the human side of places. 

Neighbourlytics’ software taps into the millions of digital footprints people leave behind every day about their interactions within and between buildings, uncovering rich insights about human behaviour and activity across neighbourhoods. Proprietary technology then aggregates the data so that it is easy to understand and interpret, helping planners, developers and governments to take quick, responsive action.

Neighbourlytics provides hyper-local (1km radius) neighbourhood data with actionable insights in hours - not days, weeks or months. Users can compare, benchmark and look at best-practice neighbourhoods from almost anywhere in the world, and share this data easily within their teams.

Alumni of Google for Startups and Listed in the Deloitte Fast 50, Neighbourlytics is now working with over 60 of the world's leading city makers, businesses and developers to gain unique context information and prioritise planning, wellbeing and investment decisions. Led by expert urbanists Jessica Christiansen-Franks and Lucinda Hartley, Neighbourlytics is on a mission to give leaders the data they need to create places people love.

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