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RECAP - Data Sharing for Mobility in North Carolina's Research Triangle

Data Sharing for Mobility
Submitted by Philip Bane on January 5, 2022

RECAPPING Data Sharing for Mobility for North Carolina Research Triangle as a 2021 Readiness Challenge Winner

Morrisville, NC applied to the Smart Cities Council for a grant to accelerate the reduction of traffic congestion in Wake County, NC. Morrisville applied in early 2021 and after a thorough review of its plans, was declared a Readiness Challenge Winner in the summer of 2021.  Morrisville had sought assistance as the number one complaint of its residents was ‘traffic congestion’ and data showed that Morrisville and other residents in the Raleigh metropolitan region drive more miles in their cars in any other metropolitan region in the US.

See list at bottom of this article as to participants.

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Session 4 'In-Person' - December 9, 2021 Readiness Workshop Summary

After an introduction from Jennifer Robinson, SAS's Director Local Government Solutions and Mayor TJ Cawley of Morrisville. The workshop participants discussed the following topics:

Importance of Multi-Modal. How to convince the public that intelligent mobility with its emphasis on multi-modal transport was just as important an investment as building and maintaining roads.

Data Maturity. How to start the data sharing process when each participant had different levels of data governance maturity, budgets and systems.

What did a intelligent mobility platform look like? Here we had -

  • George Karrayanis from Honeywell educated participants about City Suite, Honeywell's platform, which is being used extensively as a data aggregation, integration and analysis platform throughout the world (at least seventy (70) cities.)
  • Ton DeVries from Bentley talked about how roads are 'assets' just like buildings and can be visualized from a data perspective with Bentley's Digital Twins solutions.
  • Lisa Brown from Johnson Controls reviewed Open Blue, its digital twins solution which aggregates and visualizes multiple data streams.

Specific use cases -

  • Reducing traffic congestion with vehicle and infrastructure data was discussed by Jim Trogdon from SAS with the use of 'streaming connected vehicle data.'
  • Jamie Cleveland from Duke Energy Sustainablity Solutions reviewed how video could be used to detect congestion patterns and allow cities to re-route traffic and/or upgrade infrastructure where most needed.
  • Energy efficiency was addressed by George Reed from Siradel who showed the audience how Siradel's Digital Twins platform gathers APIs from different IoT networks, in order to act on and coordinate the city’s infrastructural and equipment performance, specifically energy usage.
  • Reducing carbon emissions  was reviewed by Nate Breyer from Azuga, where he described a project for Oregon where Azuga's system tracked vehicle driving patterns and could be used to manage and potentially reduce congestion and emissions.
  • Safety and preventing incidents can be enhanced by Oracle's analytics solution as discussed by Mark Zannoni from Oracle. For example, Oracle could identify “near misses” of accidents, leading to safer streets for pedestrians, bicyclists, and all motorists, whereas “near misses” are otherwise never recorded or inventoried.
  • Economic development is a key benefit from traffic optimization as revealed by Natalia Summerville, also from SAS.
  • Cybersecurity solutions were reviewed by Brian Wane and Kelby Price from XQ Messaging. Given that roads can be critical infrastructure, making them data collection platforms increases the risk of illegal penetration and misuse.

Data Life Cycle

The first afternoon session, led by Curt Savoie from IDC and Amber Cobb from RiOT focused on the data life cycle. The participants specifically reviewed the data life cycle -

  • What data is available?
  • How is it collected?
  • How is it communicated?
  • How is it analyzed?
  • How is it protected?
  • How is it archived?

Data Governance

The second afternoon session, led by Curt Savoie from IDC and Philip Bane from the Council. This session reviewed the different types of data sharing frameworks including data trusts.

Fourth Working Session: Roadmap for Data Sharing

  • Data Maturity (assessment)
  • Data Vocabulary (common language)
  • Data Enterprise Catalog (what is available for sharing?)
  • Data Ontology (what are we sharing)
  • Data Capabilities (capacity and training)
  • Data Governance (policy and legal)

Moving Forward

A final session was led by Rick Ralph, CIO of Morrisville and Adam Spillman, TJCOG about how the public participants could start a data-sharing process. It had been agreed that TJ COG would be a repository for the shared data, coordinating with the working group previously formed by the two MPO(s)

Following Sessions Were Virtual

Session 3 – November 10, 2021


  • Philip Bane, SCC
  • Teresa Tapia, Customer Success Manager StreetLight Data, Inc
  • Noam Maital, CEO Waycare Technologies
  • Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Bonnie Danahy CDO Wake County Government

Session 2 – October 27, 2021


  • Philip Bane, SCC
  • Matt Day, Triangle J Council of Governments
  • Bonnie Dahany, Wake County
  • Mike Mclanahan, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority
  • Amber Cobb, RiOT

Session 1-  October 13, 2021


  • Philip Bane, SCC
  • Janet Rives, Bridgestone Americas
  • Rick Ralph and Billy Whitehead, Town of Morrisville

December 9 Readiness Workshop Participants

Town of Morrisville

Mayor TJ Cawley, Rick Ralph, Billy Whitehead, Danielle Kittredge, Danny Reilly  and Caleb Allred


Adam Spillman and Lindsey Whiteson

Wake County

Bonnie Dahany and Jakeema  Dawkins


Noah Otto and James Alberque,


Nicole Raimundo, Melissa Rineer, Patrice Walker and Terry Yates


Linwood Tyndall


Michael McLanahan

Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO

Casey (KC) Chae, PhD


Erika Sacco


Kelly Wells, Kerry Morrow, David Keilson, Tae-Gyu Kim, Ph.D., Keith Dixon and Brian Murphy, PE

Holly Springs

Jeff Wilson

Smart Cities Council

Philip Bane, Peter Murray and Connie Heath


Jennifer Robinson, Natalia Summerville, Jennifer Conner, Jim Trogdon, Natalia Summerville, Lee Ann Dietz, Jane Howell and Jerry Williams

Johnson Controls

Lisa Brown

DUKE Energy Sustainable Solutions

Michael Kilpatrick, Kasey Gridley and Jamie Cleveland


Mark Verheyen


George Reed


Ton de Vries


George Karayannis 


Amber Cobb


Curt Savoie


Janet Rives


Nate Bryer


Arun Padmanadhan and Mark Zannoni

XQ Messaging

Brian Wane and Kelby Price