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Future of IoT and AI

Submitted by Robyn Francis on November 20, 2023

We are in an era of rapid urbanization and technological advancement, the integration of IoT and AI into urban environments is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with our cities. 

This webinar is your gateway to understanding the critical role of governance in shaping the future of smart cities. 

We explore the opportunities, challenges, and ethical considerations that arise as we harness the power of IoT and AI to create smarter, more efficient, and sustainable urban ecosystems. Our experts will delve into the latest developments in their fields, share valuable insights, and provide a roadmap for ensuring that IoT and AI technologies enhance the quality of life for all city residents. 

Smart Cities Council's Robyn Francis was joined by Trevor Bloch and Chris Lane to talk about #IoT, #AI and, of course, governance. 

We explored the opportunities, challenges, and ethical considerations that arise as we harness the power of IoT and AI to create smarter, more efficient, and sustainable urban ecosystems. 

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Meet the Speakers 

Founder and Chief Technology and Products Officer, VROC Trevor Bloch, the visionary Founder and Chief Technology and Products Officer of VROC, is the driving force behind this pioneering company. With a background rooted in traditional consulting control system engineering, Trevor has leveraged his extensive industry expertise to establish VROC as a powerhouse in the field of industrial information technology. Under Trevor's leadership, VROC has grown into a powerful end-to-end data and AI platform that adds substantial value to clients by harnessing time series data and breaking down information silos, enabling industrial AI to be implemented at scale. Trevor Bloch's academic achievements include a BEng in Computer Systems and an MBA, reflecting his commitment to excellence in both technology and business. Prior to founding VROC in 2016, Trevor established the highly regarded engineering consultancy company, BLOCHTECH Engineering, in 1999, which continues to thrive under his guidance. 

Chris Lane is the CEO of SmartAIConnect, which, under his leadership, secured the title of "Best Startup Solution of the Year 2023" at both the Queensland and National iAwards. He is also a think tank member at the National AI Centre's Industry Forum on Responsible AI. With over 20 years in R&D and operational management, Chris has consistently been at the cutting edge of tech innovation. He founded Coastalwatch in 1998, introducing groundbreaking streaming video and data services. Later, in 2008, he established 3 Crowns Technologies, emphasising AI, video analytics, and AWS cloud services. His previous work with Constellation Technologies centred on leveraging big data from the IoT sector, showcasing his expertise in big data, smart city applications, and hosted data/video services. Chris excels in building and maintaining global stakeholder relationships and managing project scoping, implementation, and operations. His academic credentials include a Master's in Computing (AI), a Bachelor's of Health Sciences, and a diverse technical background, positioning him to address various technical challenges. 

Session Notes

In Australia both the Human Rights and Privacy legislation are already in place as key pillars.

In Australia both the National AI Centre and NSW Government are leading the way in providing AI Assurance Frameworks for regulatory compliance.

AI Legislation in Australia

  • The Privacy Act (click here)
  • Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Ethics Framework (click here)
  • National AI Centre: Implementing Australia’s AI Ethics Principles (click here)
  • NSW Government AI Assurance Framework (click here)
  • NSW Government Mandatory Ethical Principles for the use of AI (click here)
  • Standards Australia: Responsible and Inclusive AI white paper (click here)

ISO/IEC (draft)

  • 42001 - Artificial Intelligence Management system

ISO/IEC (published)

  • 23894:2023 - Artificial Intelligence Guide on Risk Management
  • 38507:2022 - Governance of IT - Governance implications of the use of artificial intelligence by organisations
  • 4213:2022 - Artificial Intelligence Assessment of machine learning classification performance
  • Note: many more ISO standards are not listed.

Recommendation on these evolving requirements:

  • Join the National AI Centres Responsible AI Network - RAIN
  • Subscribe to the National AI Centres LinkedIn or news feed
  • Read the NSW AI Assurance Framework and new ISO 42001 AI Management system when out.

National AI Centre's Responsible AI Network is the world-first program bringing together experts, regulatory bodies, training organisations, and practitioners to focus on responsible artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for Australian industry and organisations.

Click here

The NAIC has formed 2 working groups:

  • AI Think Tank:  Scaling Responsible AI. (click here)
  • AI Industry Forum:   an initiative supporting and strengthening of Australia’s sovereign AI capabilities.

National AI Centre is running online workshops to help Australia organisations navigate these areas. Recommend everyone participate or watch replay of these workshops as they could provide information about the impact of AI on your organisation.

  • development of AI systems that are transparent and explainable
  • mitigate biases in AI algorithms to ensure fairness
    • Example:  pool detection