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Digital Innovation for a Council Sporting Facility

Submitted by Robyn Francis on September 19, 2023

A major sporting facility in the City of Bunbury recently underwent a digital transformation to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency, with help from VROC. 

'These automations work together to help optimise the Cities resources, and improve services to the community.'
- Mal Osborne, Chief Executive Officer

The Objective

Hay Park is a major sporting facility in the City of Bunbury, Western Australia, used throughout the year by a wide range of sporting clubs and community groups. The City found that the sporting ground lights were commonly left on, resulting in excess power consumption, inaccurate billings and inefficiencies for council facility teams, who could not control the lights remotely and had to manually record power usage for on-charging.

The Solution

The City of Bunbury decided to connect the sporting ground lights into VROC's IoT Platform OASIS, and use the platform as an interface for both city officials and community groups.
Community groups can activate the lights in the platform themselves, setting the light intensity to match their needs - such as Training, Match or Broadcast. SMS reminders are sent as a prompt to switch lights off afterwards.
City officials can also remotely switch on or off the lights as needed, and set automations to control when lights are turned off each day. The council can control which fields are available to different clubs, based on surface conditions, maintenance and usage requirements.

And the results? Head over to the VROC website to learn more. 

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