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Current Readiness Challenge Winners Listing

Readiness Challenge Winners
Submitted by Philip Bane on January 13, 2022

The Smart Cities Council has produced a Readiness Challenge from 2017 through and continuing in 2022 (six years.)

Here is a list of winners with links to information about their projects and programs - 


Austin, TX - Austin Advances a Vision of a Smarter More Inclusive City (2017)

Indianapolis, IN - How Indianapolis Uses Data to Change Lives (2017)

Miami, FL - Miami's Enhanced Resilience Plan: a Lesson for Other Cities? (2017)

Orlando, FL - Orlando's Smart Cities Journey Positioned it to Swifty React to Covid

Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia's Smart Cities Journey has helped Covid Responsiveness


Birmingham, AL

Cary, NC

Las Vegas, NV

Louisville, KY

Commonwealth of Virginia

Puerto Rico


Baltimore, MD

Cleantech San Diego, CA

Edmonton, Calgary

Montgomery, AL

Racine, WI


Nashville, TN

Brisbane, QLD Australia

Orange County, FL

Morrisville Metro Raleigh Region



Scottsdale, AZ - Scaling Innovation