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Chorus Named Gold Sponsor for Smart Cities Week Aotearoa 2024, Amplifying Commitment to Communities and Connectivity

Submitted by Robyn Francis on May 3, 2024

Smart Cities Council proudly announces Chorus as the Gold Sponsor for Smart Cities Week Aotearoa 2024. This partnership underscores Chorus’ focus on  fostering innovation and bolstering connectivity in urban environments, aligning with Smart Cities Council's mission to cultivate smarter, more sustainable cities and leave no one behind.

Smart Cities Week Aotearoa stands as the preeminent platform for convening stakeholders from across the smart cities landscape. Through an array of enlightening sessions and discussions, the event fosters synergistic collaboration and knowledge exchange, addressing the most critical challenges confronting cities today.

Chorus’ designation as a Gold Sponsor highlights its commitment to advancing smart infrastructure and digital connectivity solutions that enrich the quality of life for kiwis and local communities. As New Zealand's largest telecommunications infrastructure provider, the company brings invaluable expertise and insights to the table, playing a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of smart city development across New Zealand with its Smart Locations solution.

Chorus Smart Locations is a product designed for smart city applications, and is transforming the potential of Internet of Things (IoT). From traffic-monitoring CCTV cameras to connected EV charging stations and interactive digital billboards, a Smart Location connects a place or structure that typically doesn't have a fixed address to Chorus’ world-class, big-bandwidth fibre network.

"We are thrilled to welcome Chorus as a Gold Sponsor for Smart Cities Week Aotearoa 2024," remarked Robyn Francis, Events and Engagement Lead for Smart Cities Council. "Their steadfast commitment to innovation and digital connectivity perfectly aligns with our vision for creating smarter, more connected cities. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Chorus  and harnessing their expertise in IoT to drive positive transformation by creating more connected environments."

Smart Cities Week Aotearoa 2024 is poised to deliver an enriching and enlightening experience, offering attendees invaluable insights and networking opportunities. By uniting industry luminaries, policymakers, and innovators, the event endeavours to catalyse action and expedite the advancement of smart city initiatives across New Zealand, with a particular emphasis on enhancing connectivity in regional communities.

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About Chorus

Chorus maintains and builds the fibre and copper telephone and internet networks that connect New Zealand homes and businesses to each other and the world. New Zealand's largest open-access internet infrastructure company, Chorus, provides wholesale telecommunications services to over 90 competing phone and broadband retailers. Our fibre network offers Aotearoa New Zealand's people, communities, and businesses greater access to ever-expanding opportunities through high-speed, reliable and world-class broadband.

About Smart Cities Council

Smart Cities Council is dedicated to building cross-sector capability, capacity and collaboration.

With Regional Leads on the ground in over 30 countries, our unique Global Thought Leaders Program and a global network of over 400,000, SCC delivers positive, self-sustaining social, environmental, and economic outcomes for people, place and planet.