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Digital Twin: From Idea to Realization

digital twin realization
Submitted by Robyn Francis on August 7, 2022

The 2022 New Zealand Digital Twin Summit was hosted in Wellington and through their involvement, Gold sponsor AWS was able to meet with other policymakers, practitioners and academics for a full day that focused on helping organizations navigate the digital twin project path from idea through to realization.

It’s no secret that building and managing digital twins can be time-consuming, complicated, and costly, with specialised skills and resources required to contribute towards the build of custom, integrated solutions. 

Data needs to be combined from different sources to generate live insights from streaming data and create contextualized visualizations to better connect end users to information.

Today, many organisations that would greatly benefit from implementing a digital twin are faced with these challenges and the workshops at the Aotearoa New Zealand Digital Twin Summit focused on removing obstacles and providing customers with a clearer path forward on their own digital twin aspirations.

AWS’s Andra Christie was able to participate on a panel looking at the journey "From Strategy to Roadmap" designed to help organizations make the first move towards the actual implementation of a Digital Twin project. Together with other industry experts, she shared her views, experience and advice on fast-tracking initiatives and dealing with challenges encompassing culture, technology and people. The main takeaway was a focus on getting started and Andra’s advice can be summarized with three calls to action:

  • Think Big
  • Start Small
  • Fail fast

Later in the day, Andra delivered a deep dive workshop on AWS IoT TwinMaker, a new digital twin builder solution that helps customers simplify the build of operational digital twins; there was lively discussion and many questions on the current and future capabilities of the solution, as well as how it could be best used today to drive the best outcome for operational Digital Twin use cases.

We look forward to continued collaboration between Smart Cities Council ANZ and AWS through future similar events, and helping customers move ahead on the many Digital Twin initiatives designed to improve citizens’ lives!