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Smart Cities Foundation Course


  • 60 hours


  • USD$3,000 for SCC Members
  • USD$4,000 for non-members


  • Develop a working understanding of Smart Cities & Buildings, their importance and how they can enrich the human experience
  • Recognise the opportunities where they can contribute to SC
  • Possess the basic knowledge, skills and tools to take positive action in creating SC
  • Develop working understanding and skills necessary to facilitate a maturity assessment inside an organisation
  • Begin to develop Smart City leaderships skills and the network to utilise them
  • Have an accreditation/“stamp” that is identifiable, meaningful and valuable in the sector


  • Students that intend to work in any of the SC domain verticals or technology horizontals
  • Professionals currently working in a SC relevant role or aiming to move into one
  • Professional that seeks to deepen their understanding of the current state and future possibilities of Smart Cities & Buildings (people/place/technology).

These courses are currently being upgraded and moved to our new Online, On Demand Smart Cities Academy Platform and will be available again soon. Register your interest by following the link below

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