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Smart Cities Foundation Course


  • 10 hours


  • USD$300 for SCC Members
  • USD$450 for non-members


  • Consolidate understanding of the concept of Smart Cities & Buildings
  • Develop areas of interest and further inquiry around Smart Cities & Buildings


  • Students and professionals who identify that a working understanding of Smart Cities & Buildings is useful for their professional development


  • Meaning, Value and Purpose of Smart Cities & Buildings
  • History of Smart Cities & Buildings (Deep Dive)
  • Key Definitions
  • Global Standards
  • Current State: Issues and Opportunities
  • Future State: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Key Domain Verticals and Technology Horizontals: Importance and Inter-relationship
  • Key Theories and Thinkers

These courses are currently being upgraded and moved to our new Online, On Demand Smart Cities Academy Platform and will be available again soon. Register your interest by following the link below

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