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The Readiness Program collects data from cities about their upcoming projects and seeks to assist these cities in

  • aggregating demand,
  • finding replicable solutions, and
  • scaling.

This is where digital technology (communications and IoT) offers specific advantages and our advice is ‘think big, be agile.’

A McKinsey report dated November 2021 on the Internet of Things has two key points for cities to understand -

First, stop piloting and start scaling. Specifically "Design for scale from the start. The IoT must be grounded in business outcomes. Too often (cities)...get caught up in the technology and focus only on pilots. The impact can be seen in the “pilot purgatory” that afflicts many (cities).”

Secondthis is not about technology, it is about governance. Specifically "Change management. Companies and governments often treat the IoT as a technology project rather than an operating-model transformation. ..  Capturing value at scale from the IoT requires the collaboration of cross-functional actors to change people’s behavior, systems, and processes, as well as introduce vigorous performance management.”

To be a part of the Smart Cities Council, service providers can join now. 

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To take part in the Readiness Challenge, cities can apply now. 

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You can see below the types of projects from cities that we have worked on and are working within North America through the Readiness Program. We add around twenty (20) new projects each calendar quarter and choose four to five projects a year to specifically accelerate.

As a North American Lead Partner, you get to see all the projects and attend all sessions. As an Innovation Partner or Innovation Partner+, you participate in all virtual sessions and with the agreement of the Council may be able to attend in-person sessions.  All partners can nominate projects for acceleration.

As of November 15, 2021