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SmartAIConnect was formed in 2021 in Queensland in recognition of the developing need for responsible management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications on edge devices and the data security required for edge AI applications. In 2022, they developed the SmartAIConnect Responsible AI Framework.

The SmartAIConnect Responsible AI Framework aims to facilitate the seamless deployment of AI models to edge AI cameras. This is achieved through a robust foundation of security, audit trails, and governance measures, enabling organizations to confidently embrace the power of Edge AI. Initially, this development focused on working with i-PRO AI cameras. i-PRO is one of the world's largest suppliers of IP cameras to the security industry and the leading manufacturer worldwide, for AI Edge capable cameras, selling over 1 million units per year.

In the context of smart cities, the SmartAIConnect Responsible AI Framework holds significant importance. It empowers smart cities to harness the transformative potential of AI, enhancing urban planning, resource management, public safety, and citizen services while ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in the utilisation of AI technologies. Industries such as surveillance, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation can also leverage the power of AI models deployed on edge devices to gain actionable insights, improve safety measures, optimise processes, and deliver superior customer experiences