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Mobile Crisis Construction (“MCC”), a registered Australian charity, deploys mobile block factories into crisis zones to rapidly rebuild durable infrastructure. 

The team are currently seeking donations to deploy a block factory to help rebuild Ukrainian infrastructure, using rubble that can be crushed and reformed into blocks. For more information, head over here. 

Their methodology involves four steps: Deploy | Engage | Repurpose | Rebuild

  • Deploy: Mobile block factories are deployed to crisis zones by a logistics partner to rapidly rebuild durable infrastructure
  • Engage: Locals are engaged and empowered to play a direct role in rebuilding their community
  • Repurpose: Rubble is repurposed to make new building blocks (“Crisis Blocks”)
  • Rebuild: Crisis Blocks are designed to rebuild structures resistant to earthquakes, cyclones and fire

The block factory

  • World first, semi-automated mobile block factory
  • The factory can be deployed where large fixed plant cannot
  • The factory repurposes rubble, minimising logistics

Crisis blocks

  • Crisis Blocks interlock and can be laid by “unskilled” workers
  • Crisis Blocks do not require mortar to lay
  • Crisis Blocks are made from 90% local material

The structures

  • Structures designed to exceed international design codes
  • Earthquake, cyclone and fire resistant

The local community

  • Permanent housing and infrastructure rapidly rebuilt
  • Businesses created, employing locals