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LAAMP’s focus is on modern solutions that leverage technology. LAAMP have invested significant time in understanding organisations’ training, development and assessment needs., breaking the traditional mould by redesigning solutions to drive user engagement, save time and money, increase productivity, and very importantly minimise risk.

The team are catalysts for change. But…never just for the sake of it, it’s change for the better; better employees, better productivity, better technology, better safety, better understanding and management of risk, better engagement, better workplaces and better technology-led training.

Discover a new era of employee development with LAAMP’s scalable, accessible and mobile-first SaaS solution. Empower your workforce and safeguard their success with: 

Transferable Passports: Ensures efficient talent management, reduces administrative burdens, and facilitates compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Facial Verification: Adds an extra layer of security and reliability to the induction and assessment process.

Training Automation: It simplifies training management, improves efficiency, and provides valuable insights into training outcomes.

Audit Trail: It provides a robust and reliable record of training and assessment activities.

Real-time reporting and insights: Organisations can optimize their training efforts, drive better outcomes, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Digital evidence capture: Comprehensive evidence capture against the training, including video, audio, images, signatures, and notes, enhances the assessment process and supports the audit trail.

Offline and online capability: Organisations can effectively support their remote and distributed workforces, providing accessible and uninterrupted training opportunities.

Multilingual functionality: LAAMP caters to the diverse needs of a global workforce, facilitating effective communication, understanding, and learning in a multicultural environment.

Practical assessments: Organisations can streamline their skills through evaluation and verification processes while ensuring a high standard of assessment.

Group training: Enable organisations to create a flexible and inclusive learning environment.

Immersive technology: Realistic simulations, personalized learning, remote training capabilities, cost-effective solutions, and objective assessment.