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Inconmat, a business partner to some of Australia’s leading civil, structural and engineering companies, know you deserve confidence in your next construction project. In order to do that, you demand only the best durability solutions. But there’s a problem, the many products available are overwhelming, and you’re concerned about meeting construction code standards, budgets, and timelines.

The team understand how critical durability is to high-value infrastructure construction, which is why they embrace challenges and develop smart solutions to empower companies who want to deliver outstanding outcomes creating positive change.

As a best-of-breed product and service provider, Inconmat collaborates with like-minded organisations that want to generate social, environmental and economic value.

Inconmat offers sustainable and effective building products and services that provide a long-term return on investment to communities and the environment.

The team are proud to lead the way in developing a more environmentally sensitive and effective approach to building, which is why every decision made – from the choice of materials and processes to construction, waste management and ongoing maintenance – considers the ecological, environmental, social and economic outcomes of each of our client’s projects.

Inconmat is also heavily involved in the creation of large-scale Anaerobic Digestion plants. AD Plants convert food waste and organic materials to methane. The methane is captured and used directly into reciprocating engines to generate electricity, bottled, and transported or even converted to hydrogen. The process decarbonises the waste by digestion in a controlled environment that is then used for energy production.  The digestate that remains after digestion is super nutrient rich and is used to as organic fertilisers.

Fast Facts:

  • Formed in November 2009
  • Family owned business
  • National supplier on major civil projects
  • Head Office located in Adelaide South Australia
  • Australia’s leading provider of GFRP reinforcing
  • Integrated GFRB Rebar engineering design software to ensure compliance across various building codes
  • Proven ability to deliver on major civil projects
  • GFRP reinforcing research partner with several leading Australian universities