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Aurecon is an international engineering, design and advisory company, but not as you know it. We’ve reimagined engineering and are proud to be named Australasia’s most innovative company and most innovative professional services company by the Australian Financial Review in 2020.

Digital disruption is changing the way we interact, how we live and the future we are creating. It is changing the face of industry, government and social engagement.

To thrive in the digital future, organisations and governments must:

  • Fundamentally rethink their planning, strategy and business processes
  • Create connected digital platforms
  • Improve their analytics and collaboration

To support and strengthen our ability to deliver digital engineering and advisory services, we have digital leaders across our network, who support and engage with our clients and our people, to digitise infrastructure and co-create the future.

The marketplace and our clients’ needs inform the ideas we invest in. We focus on connecting with our clients to recognise the digital changes we’ve made and to support them in building, transforming and optimising their assets.

We are committed to changing the way we analyse and solve our clients’ increasingly complex urban design and infrastructure challenges. Our ability to find the 'why' at the heart of each project and bring it to life through our creative technology and visualisation expertise, and specialist Unsigned Studio team, allows our clients to experience projects in a new way. Completely reimagining the end-to-end experience, from visualisation to planning, construction and launch. We believe humanity depends on engineering; and we recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play. A deep responsibility to hold. As we continually strive for a life in balance, Aurecon clients will be both ready for the future and engineered for life.