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Member and Partner Benefits and Preferences Agreement

Smart Cities Council, Inc., a Virginia corporation with offices at Suite 100, Campus Commons Drive, Reston, VA 20191 (hereinafter ‘The Council’) is agreeing with You as to the terms and conditions for Your Partnership with the Council during the Term.

You agree to our terms and conditions when you push the submit button.

  • You or Your means the entity that has paid the Council an agreed amount for Partnership with the Council in accordance with these terms and conditions for the Term. 
  • The Term or period for our Agreement is from the date of Your payment to the end of the month twelve months thereafter. So, if you paid on January 1 of 2021, your Term would end on January 31, 2022.
  • Parties are You and the Council.

The Parties agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Delivery of Services: The Council delivers all digital services and products from its offices in Reston, Virginia, USA. As such, all legal and tax requirements are those applying in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA.  Where the Council delivers an ‘in-person’ services such as a consultation, workshop or conference, delivery has been subcontracted to:
    • o In Australia and New Zealand to Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand PTY Ltd (A.C.N. 619 159 625) with an office at 9 Hercules Street, Hamilton QLD, 4007
  • Council’s Purpose: The Council educates and advises cities about best practices and resources to achieve workability, livability and sustainability. It fulfills this mission with the assistance, advice and financial support of its Partners.
  • Benefits: The Council provides Partners and Members benefits and privileges according to the Partnership level consistent with your payment as found on our website as of the date you make you payment. 
  • Partnership or Membership Fees and Payment: All Partnership Fees to be paid in US dollars ‘net,’ without deduction for any local value-added, income, service or other tax. Payment may be made by check or bank wire. 
  • Good Standing: Failure to pay in full means the Partner is not in good standing (see Glossary) and the Council may withhold benefits until payment is received. 
  • Content/Events: The Council shall make the final determination about the content of its publications and events, in consultation with its Partners. Unless specifically agreed, all collateral published is content developed by partner at its own cost and only distributed if it meets the Council’s guidelines and editorial schedule. 
  • Projects: The Council provided information about local government projects globally. We make an effort to discover accurate information; but we do not warrant the validity of the information or that local government will in fact proceed with the project. Partner cannot rely upon our project database to make business decisions and must consult with the local government in question to determine the local government's intentions.
  • Limited License: The Partner provides the Council with a limited license to redistribute any material that it provides to the Council with appropriate attribution. The Council provides the Partner with a limited license to redistribute any material provided by the Council with appropriate attribution. This license does not transfer or assign ownership of any intellectual property to the other party. 
  • Duration: This Agreement shall last for a twelve-month period as noted above. The Parties agree that this agreement may be extended with the Partner paying the Council’s invoice for the subsequent year partnership fee at the published rate and this Agreement shall remain in force. The Council reserves the right to amend benefits provided by amending Exhibit A and providing Company with thirty (30) days notice of such amendment.
  • Publicity: The parties acknowledge that both parties have the right to publicize the Partner’s participation in the Council.
  • Relief: Partner acknowledges that its sole remedy for the Council’s failure to provide deliverables as set forth in the Exhibit A is to terminate its participation in the Council’s activities. Partner acknowledges it has no right to recover payments made prior to termination. 
  • Non-exclusivity: This Agreement does not an exclusive relationship between the Parties, who shall be free to enter into similar agreements with others.


Exhibit A - Glossary

  • Partnership Categories.  Companies can join as a Global Lead Partner participating in all activities wherever located or regionally participating in the activities in a specific region. Within the region, the Partner can be a Foundation Partner or a Lead Partner with participation based on Preferences as described herein.
  • Membership Categories. Individuals and governments (including departments or separate agencies or regional coalitions of governments) can join as a Member, participating in all activities wherever located depending upon their status.
  • Sponsorships requires an additional fee that provides extra benefits for a particular event or other initiative (such as a customized Readiness Challenge, marketing campaign, Readiness Workshop or white paper). One benefit is a guaranteed spot in the relevant Readiness Program activities. Other benefits may include keynote presentations, recognition in the program, and recognition on signage. The Council will work with a member to develop an agreed promotional campaign. The following programs can be sponsored by Partners with customized approaches-
  • Smart Cities Academy Learning Module - Co-develop learning modules. Incudes presentation and recording that is included in all Academy offerings for full year of Partnership.
  • Innovation Forum -In Partnership with Dense Networks, SCC produces a series of virtual and in-person events about innovation in the energy and telecommunications sectors.
  • Readiness Challenge - Unique opportunities to customize challenge to specific sector or solution.
  • Digital Twin Week - Sponsor the world’s only in-depth conference about predictive analytics. Produced virtually for a global audience.
  • Smart Cities Week - globally acclaimed conference held in US, India and Australia over the past five years. Not schedule currently for 2022.
  • White papers and research. Customized research and writing about specific topics.
  • Program Preferences. The Council tries to accommodate all members at all events. When space is limited, the Council uses the following schedule:
    • First preference is to the program’s design and city needs. This may limit the number and type of Partners that are invited to participate directly. Only Partners in Good Standing (all payments current) may participate.
    • Second preference to Priority Sponsorships for that program
    • Third preference to Global Lead Partners
    • Fourth preference to Regional Lead Partners (for that region)
    • Innovation Partners+, Innovation Partners and Members can always attend virtual events. Attendance at in-person events for Innovation Partners+, Innovation Partners and Members is limited to space availability and in accordance with these preferences. There is no guarantee, nor can there be an expectation that Innovation Partners+, Innovation Partners or individual Members can attend an in-person event.
  • Smart Cities Academy is the world’s leading independent knowledge exchange platform. It is:
    • Informed by eight years of knowledge support for smart cities action around the world
    • Co-designed by leading policymakers and industry specialists
    • Delivered in collaboration with those who have 'been there and done it'
    • Offering an industry-first credential: the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate
    • Solution providers provided unique commercially oriented learning modules about how to work with cities
    • A platform to recognize not only your knowledge but also your ongoing contribution to the industry
    • Providing practitioners with the option to maintain their certificate annually to ensure their knowledge and skills are fresh and relevant
    • A place to network with other like-minded policymakers and practitioners who are focused on action and investment in smart cities
    • Offering continuing education hours (certificate of completion) to help maintain other professional credentials.