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Lessons in Data

Lessons in Data header image
Virtual | Bi-monthly, February-December 2022 AEST

Brisbane QLD

Every two months we will feature a policy and/or project that:

  • expresses data leadership - with commitments to data purpose, privacy, security, ethics and governance
  • has been able to measure the value generated from data capture and insights generation
  • will share the processes, frameworks and standards used
  • can offer lessons learned

The 2022 calendar of Data Lessons is:

  • Tue 1 Feb - Linking data to value, can it be done?
  • Tue 5 Apr - What's next for privacy?
  • Tue 7 June - On AI, here's what I found out
  • Tue 6 Dec - My biggest data lessons from 2022

The Data Lessons for August and October will be incorporated into other larger data related events, namely the SEQ Data Leadership Summit and Digital Twin Week respectively.