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Cyber Security Summit

Leading experts | Real World Use Cases | Insights | Strategies for Mitigation

30 April 2024


The Smart Cities Council Cybersecurity Summit is a pivotal gathering of C-Suite executives from both public and private sectors aiming to foster a comprehensive understanding of the intricate facets of cybersecurity and its significance in the contemporary smart cities landscape. 

Hear from leading experts who will present real-world use cases highlighting cybersecurity threats, offering valuable insights and strategies for mitigation.

Whether you're from Defence, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Legal, Education, Social Impact/NGOs, or Small Business, we invite you to join us as we dive into:

  • Procurement
  • Internet / payment / connectivity
  • GRC
  • Standards and CMMC as a defacto for the public sector
  • Privacy of Information
  • Commercial information / Operational Risk
  • Directorial responsibility
  • Insurance
  • Compliance: Current and future state


This event is made possible by these sponsors:

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30 April 2024


Soraya Selinger
Strategic Initiatives: Critical and Emerging Tech​ | Standards Australia
Junaid Islam
Secure Communications Expert​ Chief Technical Advisor | US State Department​
Ian Yip
Founder and CEO​ | Avertro
Cristina Paetstch
Director-Technology Strategy and Risk​ | Hannan Partners
Ian Opperman
Co-founder, Industry Professor, UTS | MBA, Digital Transformation, Business Strategy​ | ServiceGen
Michelle Price
Advisor​ | Humanico