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Building Tomorrow's Sustainable Urban Ecosystem

Convened in the City of Orlando

Thu, 2 November 2023

4105 N Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32826
United States

Theme: Connected Communities for a Better Tomorrow

Join us as we bring public and private sector together to pave the way for connected journeys with a Smart Mobility and Transportation panel, before we dive into Healthcare and Public Services to cover how we can build healthier and more inclusive cities. We'll then shift over to Smart Tourism to outline actions for balancing growth and sustainability for vibrant cities, and finally, Sustainable Urban Planning where we'll dive into Designing Resilient and Livable Cities.



09:00 - Welcome and Introductions: Corey Gray and Alby Bocanegra

09:15 - Keynote on Local Government Leadership in Innovation: Frank Martz, City Manager, Altamonte Springs

09:45 - Panel on Autonomous Vehicle Deployment: Alby Bocanegra (Smart Cities Council), Frank Martz (Altamonte Springs), Loreen Bobo (Florida Transportation Authority), Racquel Asa (Beep). 

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Panel on Smart Transport Hubs: Corey Gray (Smart Cities Council), David Sprinzen (Vantiq), Jonathan Lindhe (Camms), Dan Isaacs (Digital Twin Consortium).

11:30 - Panel on Healthy and Inclusive Cities: Alby Bocanegra (Smart Cities Council), Kelby Price (XQ Message), Steve Cercone (SafeCities Global), Ryan Vega (Vantiq), Tommy Shavers (NESTRE)

12:15 - Lunch

01:15 - Panel on Smart Tourism: Ferran Donate (F&M Group), Eduardo Rius (Innovation Hub Tulum Merida), Edgar Romero (Coparmex), Ivan Ferrer (Innovation Hub Tulum Merida)

01:45 - Panel on Balancing Growth and Sustainability for Vibrant Cities: Corey Gray (Smart Cities Council), Dominique Greco (Orlando Hospitality Alliance), John Brooks (Globetom), Jonathan Lindhe (Camms)

02:15 - Break

02:30 - Keynote by Juan Santos, Lake Nona

03:00 - Panel on Sustainable Urban Planning for Resilient Cities: Alby Bocanegra (Smart Cities Council), Soheil Sabri (University of Central Florida), George Reed (Siradel), Orlando Meta Center

03:45 - Closing Comments

04:00 - Networking Reception

Info about this event

4105 N Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32826
United States

Thu, 2 November 2023


Juan Santos
SVP Brand Experience & Innovation, Tavistock (Lake Nona)
Alby Bocanegra
Futurist in Residence, Smart Cities Council
Dr. Soheil Sabri
Assistant Professor at the School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training University of Central Florida
Frank Martz
City Manager at City of Altamonte Springs, Florida